World of Warships // Asymmetric Battles / “Unfair Plane! Part Deux”

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There’s a new co-op mode in town, and one that’s markedly different than that which we’re used to.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I was thinking that Benham would be good to take out, and you did. Bravo Zulu

  2. Donald Wrightson

    Unfair plane,he kemp base! Been subbed to him since 2013,the man’s a legend!!!!

  3. Aloha; well done sir! Mahalo

  4. Well done. Thanks for the video.

  5. G’Day Jedi – just thought to take your advice. Good game BTW, thanks for showing us the new game mode!

    *G’Day Mr_Blap_1!*

  6. The bots went easy on you. I played a game in a Pommern where I made contact with the enemy, fired, turned behind an island and then kited away due south with secondaries firing on both sides and was deleted in about a minute and a half. So, yeah… the bots are ‘slightly’ different. In co-op, I just yolo in and do well in any ship.

  7. Asymmetric battles are a lot of fun – though it seems difficult to lose them. Also, supposedly they are very profitable in T9 premiums, so WG is probably going to nerf them soon. Make hay while the sun shines.

    I can confirm that the bot CVs do search for DDs, though I am not sure they know the actual position. Thursday I had a bot CV beeline for me (playing an Adriatico), but the planes skirted just outside of spotting range – and then went off to attack a battleship (it was at the start of the battle, though, so obviously it would have been easy to guess my position). Seems like fairly good programming to me.

    I can also confirm that its possible to lose a coop game…

  8. I remember unfair plane, he kemp bush LOL

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