World of Warships – Atago 7 Medals

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on Estuary engages a enemy that is spotted near the start of the match. We move to the eastern side of the map and engage enemy destroyers along the way. A couple enemies are left at their base and we use the big guns with HE. Two enemy battleships sandwich our ship and I try to make full use of the Atago against them. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Atago Replay


  1. Very Honorabru Notser Senpai!

  2. Possibly the greatest carry I’ve seen you do yet! Very impressive. ?

  3. You do realize that this guy is a filthy HE spamming casual, right?

  4. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty proof!!!
    Facing 2 Battleship in a Cruiser with no fear!!!!!

  5. Is this supposed to happen? I’m in a New Mexico, I take a salvo at a
    Shchors, I only get 4 hits but 3 FIRES! I was firing HE.

  6. Very nice game Notser, keep working

  7. Well this ship will definitely be getting played more now. Great work here
    showing what she can do

  8. Very nice.
    You said you want your Mogami back. It is. Now it is called Shchors. Very
    much like the old Mogami.

  9. こんばんは~^^ノ 先生!!! すごすぎます。

  10. Also My Wows nickname is KINGLEE1. also , I am NA server. I HOPE I CAN MEET

  11. Hey Notser I am a huge fan of your vidio. It really helps me in workd of
    warship. Thanks

  12. lol – “I noticed that people copy me, maybe it’s a coincidence…” — No
    Notser – it is utilizing game mechanics that we, all on our own, tend to
    learn. Imagine that.

  13. He shrugs off 800k credits and 11k xp like its nothing even if it is

  14. Watching your vid makes me wish I had the Atago, I have loved the IJN
    Cruiser line starting with the Kuma…. even the much maligned Furrytaco
    (before it got the new hull and became Aoba jr.).

  15. The message was well-received, lol,.

  16. did ya see these massive op russian top tier cruisers???

    tier 10 fucks it all maxx hp of ALL cruisers … great guns … 8km
    torps!!!!! nearly 20km range OUTRANGING ALL CRUISERS BY 2km+ and more!!!!!!
    BITCHES can feel strong
    so dont tell shit german cruisers are awesome there paper shit in this game

  17. …and concealment again!

  18. That double strike tho….awesome

  19. Wow! What a game!

  20. You are the reason that I caved and got myself the Atago.
    Haven’t looked back since, one of my favorite ships to play in.

  21. So do you just have one 15 skill commander for each nation that you retrain
    every time you want to do one of these videos?

  22. Great Game.
    Where do all the credits come from? I had a game in my Murmansk with 7
    kills 170kplus dmg and didn’t get much over 300k credits, and I use the
    credit flag, is it a tier thing? Murmansk is only Tier 5, Atago is 8, does
    the higher tier pay more?

  23. That was a great game.

  24. Congrats, you’re almost at 15k subs :)

  25. Notser is OP

  26. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    Ridiculous, what a hard carry! Best game in Atago I ever saw.

  27. great game as always Notser,love the videos.

  28. Yes, I would definitely say you did ok ⚓️

  29. that was just … just … amazing.

  30. Seal clubbing with the atago?

  31. Notser, what do you think of the Aoba? Not having good matches with it
    since the big nerf.

  32. My buddy just had a 4000 base xp game in the atago the other day…nuts

  33. Sir Failalot The ll

    ive gotten more credits on a defeat

  34. Great game! Would you rate that as one of your best? If not which one?Keep
    it up love the videos.

  35. How the hell do you get MM like that, i have 400 games in atago and always
    getting T9-10

  36. That may be the perfect WoWs round!

  37. Tier for tier Atago is the most powerful cruiser in game, her armour is
    extremely trollish because of how well angled it is, her concealment is the
    best of any high tier cruiser, she’s the only t8 that can repair, her guns
    are incredibly accurate and, the AP is good the HE is amazing,
    The torpedoes have good range and amazing firing arcs compared to the rest
    of the other IJN cruisers (the only other ship that comes close in arcs in
    that line is Furutaka at T5, and until you get to Zao which IMO is just
    Atago 2.0, you can only fire backwards) in general she’s fast and
    manoeuvrable, the only real weakness that she has is her AA which when
    using defensive AA is good enough for self defense and can help out other
    ships when in a group.

  38. outstanding!

  39. Working my way to Myoko… Other than Zao, would you consider Myoko the
    best IJN cruiser?

  40. Hi Notser! What do you think about the Mikasa battleship? Because i want to
    buy it.

  41. Notser – 1) No fair, you are picking on kids [fuso/Colorado/N Mex/Clev…]
    {I’m still jelous}. 2) I haven’t played the Atago in a long time, need to.
    It’s the perfect premium; noobs buy and die, 16+ point captains are like
    sleepers that get the drop on T10’s 3) I skipped the mogami back when you
    loved it, but why doesn’t the Shchors or Chapayev fill that hole in your
    heart? Thanks as always, GG

  42. Notser is a savage

  43. Love the carry!

  44. That’s a serious carry there. Great job!

  45. Still waiting for a “live replay” or better still, a live stream
    PanMan..Any updates?

  46. if there would be any argument that WoWs is pay-to-win, Atago is it. Great
    game btw ^-^7

  47. very gg notser

  48. Awesome game Notser! Thanks for the video!

  49. The Notorious Notser does it again ..insane game play once again …

  50. Cheater :-)

  51. Good think Notser is taking in these 15pt+ captains when he goes slumming
    at T6. Not even entertaining to watch when you have a top ship, and a
    roid’ed out captain. If MM does not take captain skills into account, it
    should. This is just no fun to watch.

  52. 1:01 EXACTLY ME BROTHER! Japanese Cruisers and American Destroyers FTW!

    I am still on tier 7 for each, as I don’t play as often as I would like,
    and I LOOOVE The Mahan! Myoko is great, but she is kind of a “cursed ship”
    for me for whatever reason…. I feel like it MIGHT be due to my being
    spoiled by the Atago that I end up playing the Myoko wrong, because Atago
    cannot out turn her turrets – that is a HUGE advantage that most people
    don’t often consider, as it allows me to pull hard maneuvers while still
    always being able to fire accurate salvos back! And then there are the
    torpedoes, and the concealment both of which are WORDS better on the Atago,
    and basically every match I play in my Atago anymore I use the torpedoes to
    at least force targets to have to maneuver – but I often land at least 1
    torpedo hit as well per game in her.

    Myoko, I have yet to ever do anything with the torpedoes… But I also FEEL
    like the Myoko has a MASSIVE and/or comparatively very fragile Citadel hit
    box compared to Atago, but even Aoba in my experience, I never had as much
    issue taking so much heavy damage…

    Anyway, I love both lines, and I have wanted both the Gearing and the Zao
    since I got to know what they were about in Closed Beta, I had originally
    thought I wanted Des Moines and Shimakaze the most, but that quickly flip
    flopped to the exact opposite once I knew what each could REALLY do!

  53. Is this your average Atago game?

  54. great game Notser…i wish i was that good

  55. I wish I would get a real 10% fire chance with my Zao. Getting about 5
    fires with 150 hits sometimes…

  56. Obligatory PANPAKAPAN! i love this ship. now if only her turret arrangement
    were like mogami’s turret, then she can be the perfect tier 8 cruiser for

  57. Impressive game Notser, one of the most ever!

  58. YEAH MAN!!!

  59. Credits earning machine!

  60. Can you start adding what flags and cammo you’re rocking along with the
    ship and commander upgrades?

  61. I stealth torp frequently in my Atago now that I have concealment expert. I
    think it’s a very valid tactic. Nice Witherer Notser.

  62. Impressive

  63. I love this ship so much. The Battledestroyer.

  64. Man what a beautiful ship. =)

  65. Norwegian737Project

    Please stop trying to pronounce the correct names for the Japanese ships.
    It sounds much better if you can just say their names in your natural
    language. I mean, imagine the Japanese trying to say the correct names for
    the US fleet. It would be more like, Corrorado, Monta-hana and the
    Souh-Carrorina. Come one Nots-eherr xD Less is sooo much better.

  66. 158k damage and no confederate? DAMMIT WG!

  67. as good ad the atago is, the kutuzov is more fun. @notser; you got a

  68. hope you play mutsuki..pls prove its not garbage lol

  69. can you do an instructional video showing how to enable replays in the
    game? i don’t want to use aslains because it always breaks after each
    patch. i wish wargaming can do a simple fix, it would be so useful.

  70. And again you make this game looking so easy. Well done, Mister.

  71. Also I see the same thing with DD’s, it is like they completely forget
    about the objectives and almost all of them try to go through the middle
    instead of going for caps. I don’t get it.

  72. You plan to try the Mogami again with the new upgrades? The turret traverse
    one last I checked will give 15% faster torps and only lower the rate of
    fire by 5%. Not as good as the ship use to be but with that and the captain
    skill the turrets might be fast enough.

  73. cool video 🙂
    I am going to unlock the Kigali is it any good because I heard it got wors
    in the last patches :/


  75. notser why dont you doin stream on twitch

  76. A…am i first…? hehe on a serious note, should i get the Atago, or wait
    for the Arizona.

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