World of Warships – Atago by Jorge_Beaven

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Atago on Land of FIre by Jorge_Beaven initially pushes toward A point in a ranked battle. He engages a enemy battleship at long range and does tons of damage to the enemy. After defeating the battleship, Jorge continues to engage and destroy multiple enemies throughout the map. Near the end of the game, he comes face to face with death and must defeat it or it will destroy him. Hope you enjoy this user submitted replay and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Atago Replay


  1. Great video, I love my Atago, it’s one of the best all around ships, even
    over his sister ship because of his torpedo arch.

  2. cool vid, thanks for sharing notser!

  3. Das Vorstuhlhabitat

    The second of 2 guest players who does not use artillery view and right
    mouse button…

  4. Your welcome! Hope Notser reads it…Damn fine game with the Atago too!
    Wish my game was that solid..your aim is outstanding! Again, well done!

  5. You my friend, are far too reluctant to use ap with your cruisers. Great
    vids and keep improving!

  6. That guy had the laser goggles on save for the second tirp. Very well
    played other than that last CV engagement. A bit more patience and he could
    have gotten that other atago but then he could only have gotten a bit more
    damage before end of game.
    A solid grade A game for him.

  7. Hey thank you so much for chosing my replay!
    In the part of the second Tirpitz, I did not shoot to the DD because she
    disappeared, I saw multiple times to see if she reappears, but never get
    visible again, so… lets kill the Battleship!
    For the carrier, I completly forgot about my plane, I don’t know why… xD
    Now for my credits and xp earned this battle, Imagine if I had premmium
    account, those credits would be a lot more, man grinding without premmium
    is hard as hell, but is fun as hell 🙂 I had to decide, the Atago, a ship
    that I love in, eeeem, kancolle… or premmium, so I decided The Atago and
    I don’t regret about it

  8. you should make a kongo video

  9. just a small point Notser..Jorge is pronounced as Hor hay! Great vids ,have

  10. Gotta admit, Notser, that with the repair ability, ESPECIALLY with
    Superintendent skill, the Atago makes a VERY valid choice, even with the
    Mogami and advanced Firing training existing as it does!

  11. Wait there are carriers available in ranked? Haven’t seen any so far.

  12. For the replays will u do a series of like epic OMG HOW DID I SURVIVE THAT

  13. Send out your plane George!

  14. Hey, what is the best premium ship to get for grinding credits? I just got
    the Atago yesterday, should I get the Murmansk? Is the Tirpitz able to be
    purchased (I wanted to get the Tirpitz but it didn’t show up on the store
    so I got the Atago instead)

  15. I just play this map, and all my teammates at my side decide to go 1/4 from
    the start of the match, and never push up while I took all the fire for
    her…. really hope retards will stop playing games and ruin other…. FFS,
    tier 7… still bunch of retards and need my Fuso to carry them (got 4-5
    kills while teammate only got a few)

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