World of Warships – Atago Greed is Good

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on Hotspot moves out to attack the enemy and show the power of the ship. I help my team around C point, HE and fires is the primary damage of the Atago. The game might evolve with new ships and lines but the Cruisers are always effective if you can manage to avoid incoming fire. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Atago Replay


  1. any firsts?

    and notser, that silence after fail rush at 11:32 . hahaha


  3. How much is a “significant” more? Billions? 😀

  4. Is it me or Notser getting complacent lately. He used to do full commentary, now it’s just Twitch recording.

  5. “nah, he’s not gonna flood ou… OOO MEH GUD HEAL NO !!!” *dead silence* “pprrlrlrlrlr” *sigh of deep disappointment* lol

  6. i heared you get allot credits by playing Kutusov, is that the same for Atago?

  7. well that escalated quickly… xD

  8. That scream at the end ahahahaha

  9. Dat squeal. GG Notser. The islands send their love too.

  10. Ultranationalist941

    notser how would you compare a Mogami running 203mm with the Atago.

  11. Those last words/screams.. 😀

  12. If you listen closely you can hear his heart actually break at 11:32

  13. ?? that reaction when Notser realized the battleship player out smarted him by healing

  14. Should’ve taken it differently: Kill Nachi using shells, RAM the NC :^)

  15. greedy idiot captain playing with his cat, but still came the 1st.. ooh well. lol

  16. Christopher Matarazzo

    was the failure the torp at the beginning?

  17. Imo, Brits is a better line, that required good player to handle. They pump out shell fast enough to kill anything, regardless of angling because superstructure AP shot often goes from 3k to 10k damage

  18. +Notser , keep this in mind next time you assume someone is going to flood/fire out:

    _”There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip”_

  19. *Nelson Laugh* HA-ha!

  20. Hahaha, rekt by greed, a mortal sin 😀

    You manipulated this to your own demise.

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