World of Warships – Atago Kraken Dots

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Atago on Trident moves out to engage enemies on the western side of the map. We get to light some targets and attempt a couple torpedo attacks. The enemy presses into the eastern side, I decide to support that flank while the team deals with the west. A friendly finishes off a couple, we push forward to try and take down the enemy. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Atago Replay


  1. I remember this game from the stream :p it was a good one, i’ll see you
    tonight on stream

  2. Pan Paka Pan :)

  3. Notser, why do you not have your plane up for most of the game? it gives
    you good warning for pesky dds near you, plus spots some guys behind
    islands if you are close. Lots of valuable info for free basically

  4. Notser, you said that angling always works, I have gotten a citadel on an
    almost flat atago

  5. Mutsuki around 10:10 is tired of life, poor thing. He even returns when he
    could flee.

  6. “You got to be comfortable feeling the torpedo” – Perv Notser 2016 :)

  7. +Notser just letting you know i love your “new” thumbnails, they actually
    stand out a lot more than the rest on my playlists. Keep up the good work

  8. That AFK New Mexico might have had a game crash. Since the latest patch,
    its becoming a common thing now :/

  9. atago is an awesome flame starter. unlike tier 10 zao, atago can be paired
    up with lower tier ship, and lower tier ship has lower fire resistant than
    higher tier so she can start lots of fires.

    also obligatori PANPAKAPAN!!!

  10. The Atago is my dream in WoWs BUT IT’S SO DAMN EXPENSIVE TT-TT

  11. Maybe it’s HALO jumping. High altitude jump with low altitude parashute
    opening. ^^

  12. Notser, I still see no IJN battleship replays. What gives?

  13. make a meme on “pulling a notser”

  14. nice thumbnails

  15. The odds against a game like that are pretty high but you so often do
    everything just right! Amazing game to watch!

  16. As I said in the stream: “AP INTESIFIES”

  17. Congrats on 20,000 Subs Notser!

  18. I’m not sold on this ship. Its just so big and made of refined citadelium.

  19. I really miss my pre-nerf’d Mogami, she was so versatile with 155mm guns.

  20. Double-crossing DD..? He wasn’t on your team, Tex! :)

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