World of Warships – Atago Revisit

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on Tears of the Desert moves out to support the flank on the south side of the map. Our kill team finds success against the enemy group trying to attack. My team in the east is driven back, we flank around and try to work down anyone who is isolated. A large engagement for the center erupts, I get to use the torpedoes of the . Game is pretty exciting and I hope you enjoy the game. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Atago Replay


  1. Notser are you snowed in ??????????

  2. Notser you need to try the Atago with the rudder upgrade, as it is a
    worthwhile trade for the concealment as it wakes up the ship and makes it
    turn much faster.

  3. @Notser Hey man,are there CorgiFleets in EU too?

  4. Hey Notser.
    Quite entertaining game. 😀

    I think you might have made a small mistake in the ‘line-up’ segment. You
    say the main guns have reload of 15.8 seconds with the turret rotation
    modification. Well, stock Atago has a reload of 16 seconds, so with the mod
    it should be 16.8. However ingame it didn’t look like 16 ever appeared on
    the reload counter, so maybe this was from a game without said modification?

    And cheers for using the ‘stock’ speed and not the one with the flag (which
    I noticed you were using in this battle; 37.4kn is fast!).

    By the way, I only offer up these little things as I want the content to be
    the best it can be. Not to be an ass who ‘herp derp I corrected Notser the

  5. I love these japense voices :)

  6. “if you have a zao you get 4 fires unstead of 1 and uuuuuugh” best part, im

  7. No, Corgi wasn’t lying xD

  8. Atago is the first and only premium ship I ever bought. No regrets.

  9. The Atago’s turret rotation is amazing (for an IJN cruiser). You want bad,
    for 155mm look at the Mogami; for 203mm look at the Myoko. The Atago’s
    turrets can track even at full speed in a hard turn. The Myoko can’t.

  10. 7 minutes into the video I just realized Notser not using his main acc

  11. obligatory PANPAKAPAN!

  12. now Im here crying with my new orleans

  13. NICE double strike torpedo the Gneis and FIVE citadels on a schors lol.

  14. Stay away from my peanut butter

    Gneisenaus players sail too close to each other when they division, not
    long ago i dropped torpedoes on a Gneisenau and sunk another one i hadn’t
    even spotted yet.

  15. Main Battery Modification 2 slows your RoF a bit. Thats reason why i dont
    like it on my cruisers. I agree its good choice for Mogami or similar
    ships, but i dont think slow traverse speed is that much issue with so long
    reload. Situational i guess.
    AA/Aiming is better choice, imo.

  16. Awesome dude!! You actually saved a set of torps and ended up getting a
    double strike out of it. No dishonor in going down while biting and
    clawing. :)

  17. History Time Kids! YAY! There were four Takao Class Heavy Cruisers of the
    IJN. Takao, Atago, Maya and Chokai. Three of them were lost within days of
    each other during the Battles of Layte and Samar. Atago and Maya were sunk
    by American Submarines Darter and Dace, 23 October 1944 . Chokai had its
    bow blown off by torpedoes from the U.S.S. Johnston during the battle of
    Samar (Taffy 3) and was scuttled 25 October 1944. The lead ship of the
    class Takao, survived the war and was scuttled by British Forces in 1946.

  18. In SEA sever; there are a ton; like seriously; of CVs … :(

  19. The Atago, the original and still the best premium ship

  20. 99,99% i am use Atago from first day.
    Well how is about the new Capitans Skill @Noster?
    Test it what is the best setup.
    Cheers from holland.

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