World of Warships – Atlanta 12v12 Community Event

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community event was pretty interesting, 12v12 becomes kinda crazy with all the fire in the sky. I just try to get a angle against the enemy while everyone just is having fun. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Atlanta Replay


  1. Damn so Close :/

  2. Block out the sun with our shells! Daka!

  3. ichase is like the mother and jingles is like the funny uncle

  4. “I claim a moral victory” -Jingles

    lmao ?

  5. where is the Mikasa 12 v 12?

  6. Shots fired: 5,387,374.
    Shots landed: 44,958.

  7. nacho426hemicuda

    I feel your frustration on all the enemey ships with HP below 2k.

  8. I love these community events, because it shows great players (and I learn a lot), but it shows players having a lot of fun too (which NEVER happens during normal play).

    Thanks for putting these games up on YouTube Notser!!

  9. You know, We need a Chieftan and Jingles, skipper voice mod.

  10. wonder what would happen if flint 12v12

  11. 9:24 “i like it rough” – Jingles hahahahaha.

  12. they should have done this on ocean

  13. they should do a 12v12 minotaur game with no smoke allowed

  14. Dustin Vangeison

    you should do a 12 v 12 with the USS Texas

  15. 12 vs 12 Kievs, Only secondaries

  16. How does one join these interesting events?

  17. I wish WGing would include this game mode. Simply select a tier and MM will select a ship and everyone would load in with that ship.

  18. I love aeroon’s weird accent

  19. 12 Atlanta’s? My hiryu captains nightmare xD

  20. Some one should add up all the shots fired, then look up the price per shot in WWII and see just how much it would have cost the USA to pay for your fun?

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