World of Warships – Atlanta Engaging!

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Welcome to World of Cruisers! Not great for an Atlanta to perform well in, but we’ll manage somehow…

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  1. Solo base captures gives you a massive amount of exp which is how you got
    that much experience.

  2. By the way. With new perk rebalance, Atlanta is one of the Best AA
    Cruisers, rivalled only by some tier 9-10.
    Take new lvl 4 perk for 127mm AA guns and you got +100% dmg against
    designated planes.
    Holy damn, if only price wasn’t so high for this ship on Rus servers, I
    would buy it. =

  3. jochem de winter

    stealth new DLC that is “the dutch”(the netherlands)

  4. 0:42 when the Atlanta class was introduced there were some in the navy that
    were contemplating whether or not the Atlanta should been classified as
    large destroyer there were lightly armored and guns incapable of taking on
    anything larger then a destroyer.

  5. New Mexico using HE in a battle Without Destroyers. Wow… Ok, may be he
    wanted to shoot CV with HE, but after Stealth gave his position away, he
    had at least 25 sec to switch to AP.
    Weird thing about first New York at point blank range. Out of 5 turrets he
    shot only with 4 (He was panicking and started turning too soon) and half
    of the shots landed nowhere near you ship, only 2 connected – 1k dmg (went
    through), 4.5k dmg (went in, but missed citadel).
    Sigh… as Jingles would say “They snatched a Defeat from jaws of Victory”
    You got lucky Stealth, those Battleships Should have ended you right there,
    but you did good 🙂 Looking forward for next replay.

  6. Hey Stealth, are you making a video on the Dutch Nation Pack for Wargame

  7. about 65k dmg isnt too bad but it is the captures that gave you that much
    XP & Credits. Every capture is worth a good bit of XP & credits

  8. stealth could you please stop using free camera the entire replay.. it
    kinda defeats the purpose of watching a replay
    for me it kills the entertainment of the video to be honest

  9. Freedom Michael

    3 minute since last upload and at 1080p… odd

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