World of Warships – Atlanta HEAP 0.6.0

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on Two Brothers moves to support the team in the western side of the map. I try to make use of some new skills in Adrenaline Rush, Priority Target, and IFHE. The is given some enemies who are engaged with friendlies, I just try to provide the damage. Later in the game we move to use the island in the east to defend the base. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Atlanta Replay


  1. 10 x 127mm guns?….. lol think you got a typo there Notser. Has 8 turrets,
    and 16 total guns, so neither are 10. Pulled a tactical Notser in text
    rather than an island.

  2. 6:50
    Did you just call that Roon a “Burgundy”? ?

  3. Notser pulled a derp. It’s 16x128mm guns. You now owe us some premium
    ships. Hue hue hue.

  4. TBH, I love to spec this ship for AA. Ruins everyones day with that setup.

  5. U missed the Kraken. I am a bit “happy” that this is also happening to U!!!

  6. You took one in the rear? pff lol

  7. Atlanta is fun with HEAP, harassing bb was fun. more shells pen now.

  8. yay an atlanta gameplay, its one of my favorite cruisers in the game :D

  9. You like Adrenaline rush? Try it on Blyskawica or the Russian destroyers,
    the DPM increase is monstrous. Also worth on battleships, especially if you
    enjoy brawling.

  10. You just re-enact Gualdacanal unknowingly

  11. still waiting for you to gift me this ship notser

  12. +Notser my Flint/Clemson Captain has right now:
    • PM
    • AR
    • LS
    • BFT
    • DE
    • AFT
    • IFHE

    The build on both ship is a blast, burning low tier bbs is really op. maybe
    CE is better on Cleveland/Atlanta, but Flint and Clemson can survive
    without It. Why you dont use AFT?

    Im a little bit worried that the skill would be nerfed un the near future

  13. I wonder why they removed the Atlanta from the Premium store. It’s not in
    the tech tree either.

  14. So maps with no islands what then in tier 9 with the shitty atlanta?

  15. No advanced firing training????

  16. Inertia fuse is amaaaaazing on ships like the Budyonny, Belfast, Schors and
    Chappy. consistent 5k per salvo on a BB? Yes please.

  17. Akatsuki vs Atlanta rematch lol, not elephant at all…

  18. those kill steals on the takao and lexington lol

  19. Jarosław Matysiak

    Notser you sound like were playing world of warcraft, all that dps, dots
    and stuff :D

  20. OP!!!
    MUST be nerfed!

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