World of Warships: Atlanta – Rain Of Fire (by Tercept)

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World of Warships footage of the tier 7 US light cruiser Atlanta in a ranked match. The ship is captained by Tercept. In this match the Atlanta lets loose and absolutely demolishes all opposition. She essentially single-handedly batters the enemy team into the ground with her amazing rate of fire and the captain’s awesome accuracy. This game was an absolute joy to watch and I’m actually envious of the player.

No promises about showing them though!


  1. Good ship but situational. Very very hard to hit anything out past 10 km.
    So on the more open maps you really struggle. And you melt away very fast
    if you get focused, esp. against T8.

  2. play Fuso pls :))

  3. Nice replay and commentary! : )

  4. The atlanta is indeed super scary, but also super squishy why i always
    focus them down fast, these enemies didn’t do that, also somehow didn’t
    know how to aim, that last cleveland should in no way have lost that battle
    there, with their relative starting healths. Not saying Tercept is bad,
    cause he’s awesome, but really the opponents failed a lot

  5. “This was simply amazing”. You summed up what I thought hahaha

  6. This video is good example how Atlanta can get amazing results once in a
    blue moon, IF the enemy is stupid and doesn’t focus fire on it. This ship
    is shit in my opinion. it doesn’t work against good or even average
    players. In this video enemies were just really really horribly bad.
    Atlanta is made of paper. If you look at this video, Colorado did not fire
    once towards him… In normal situation that Colorado would of blown
    Atlanta away easily.

  7. This ship is so awesome, love it <3

  8. total burndown lol
    played to its strengths, well done

  9. That was really enjoyable to watch. Perfect Storm

  10. US should change Atlanda’s class from CVL to DDDD (destroyer destroyers)

  11. on the Atlanta any shell can break the turrets on a single hit. Kinda like
    the destroyers.

  12. Holy shit, how well played was that?

  13. Holy shit! Incredibly well played!

  14. Excellent Job Tercept !, I love my atlanta, but havent had that good of a
    game in it yet 🙂 someday.

  15. Amazing & inspiring match. I have an Atlanta, and need to learn this kind
    of deflective driving & shooting. Well done, Tercept, and thanks for
    posting this one, Aerroon.

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