World Of Warships – Atlanta, Shoreline Tactician

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Today, we’re sailing the Lady Lolanta, , in a short but intense battle with a pretty funny outcome.
Thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you next time!


  1. The rampage was real…

    • You could say that! I remember my first encounter with this ship in my Kongo. She depleted half my HP in 30 seconds. My friend got her from a container and we had lots of fun playing the ship despite being rather clueless on the art of island cover. I hope this video changes that. Awesome editing too!

    • The Sailing Robin yesterday i was checking my stats at warships today and check the best EU players, you are 3rd in EU my God you are good, i knew that but the stats confirmed that ???????
      Please keep up the good work and make us all better players

    • not hard with an op pay to win premium

    • Bryan Hilton clearly you don’t play the game the Atlanta is not an OP premium at tier 7,i can’t remember how many times i have seen Atlantas going down with one salvo from BBs and CAs,believe me it’s not a Belfast, and so what is a wallet ship? You need a good premium ship for progressing in the game, this game has an average age of players like 40 years old, believe even me from Greece can afford some € for a game, nothing it’s free my friend in this life, try to enjoy the game

  2. When everything aligns for the Atlanta…. HECK YEAH 🙂
    Great play and video. Thanks!

  3. Another fantastic video Robin. BBQ for everyone!

  4. Karthik Vishwamitra

    I LOVED the intro here! Keep up the good work!

  5. When you get good position and a little teamwork; Lol-lanta for the win.

  6. BIA World of Warships

    I don’t have an Atlanta but I can see with this video how fun it can be when the stars align. I usually run Sims while my friend take this and then maybe Saipan or KGV for some T7 sealclub 😉


    • Sims is a ship I would like to have… Just for the challenge of struggling with slow ass torps, rather bad concealment & light mortar artillery haha

    • The Sailing Robin it’s Sneaky again on my personal account; I actually run the short range 5.5km torpedoes. I try and play it like a Clemson

  7. Atlanta may be good and all, but your friendly neighbourhood germans take care of her real good. Giving that free dmg and all.

  8. Only 3K subs ? Pls, you need at least 20k, maybe even 30

  9. Nice game, excellent positioning. Theres a player that goes by SharonRoseMotorrad, she plays like you do in the Hacklanta. You two should pair up. Shes got some YT vids up if you want to check her out.

  10. Wait. Aiming system mod instead of AA range mod? HERESY!!!

  11. I’ve said it before, but your production quality is outstanding. Seriously impressive. Thanks for the great video on my favourite ship. 🙂

  12. For all the fires you lit inhaling a little smoke at 2:00 is probably appropriate. lol

  13. Sit in smoke and left click XD

  14. great video, also, your voice sounds diffrent. New microphone?

  15. pay to win ship….thats why i dont fuck with online pc games..sorry but not sorry.

  16. That smile on your face when you know there’s a double strike coming up. Cheers Robin 🙂

  17. That was not a fubuki in the beginning, it was either a minekaze or mutsuki

  18. 13:30, sunday, coffee time and episode from Robin!

  19. Most of the people will hate me for this but Atlanta is one of the best premiums in the game and a fun to play one on top of that. Keep up the good work Robin 🙂

  20. What was the music at the start?

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