World of Warships: Atlanta, The Beach

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Atlanta is ready for summer.


  1. Yes Aetam, we had some fun there my friend 🍻

  2. On those two ships you barely missed out on for the Kraken, I feel like you did 69% of the work.

  3. Not a worthy sacrifie I think, you said before you knew you would be blasted… but no matter.

  4. Dimitar Kodzhabashev


  5. Stumbled across your channel by accident, very happy I did. I appreciate you explaining your thought processes as you go, keep up the good work boss!

  6. Aetam in the chair drinking a cold beer under the palm trees…
    I really need this camo back in store…

  7. Great game, Aetam, the squishy little Atlanta, is still a good ship.
    Shame about your almost kraken. 😢

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