World of Warships – Atlanta Up Close

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on Land of Fire moves to support the assault on A point with the team. One enemy takes B and pops their smoke as precaution to attack. A few enemy destroyers are found out and focused down as we move toward B. The destroyer who capture B shows up and has no where to go but to the bottom of the sea. A enemy tries to fight us and a enemy tries to retreat. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Cruiser Atlanta Replay


  1. Houmer_ hraje WoWs

    Use NetLimiter or similar SW to cap your upload speed and it won’t mess up
    your ping.

  2. Superintendent and promoting a different game. What happened.

  3. 1:42 holy shit here in Brazil in a good day the ping is 100

  4. Notser I would love to see you try some HOI4 commentary, just once :)

  5. princerobertybob

    Lol, living in New Zealand with a fibre connection. 100 ping is good for
    me. guess I should just give up :)

  6. You put out awesome content Noster, don’t feel you have to apologise for

  7. Thank you Noster for all that you do, love your vids as always and always
    looking forward to each morning on your channcel. =)

  8. Hoi4 best game ever

  9. Nice game , keep them coming. I love the Atlanta.

  10. glasscannon, your voice sux cause ure a murricunt, warGAYming sux 2, hmm
    whats next, fuck russia

  11. notser you make me lol. your voice is not weird, you’re not crap. you’re by
    far my favourite WoW video dude and that is down to your inherent humility
    and lolness. just the tip! kek

  12. MeKanism Lastname

    From your description alone, I really want to play Hearts of Iron now

  13. 100ping is good for me

  14. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    Notser, Whats the strongest CA for Ranked for the Tier VI/VII Bracket?

  15. Speaking of the Japanese pronunciation of the ships’ names, there is a wiki
    from a Japanese game with a lot of warships names where you can listen to
    the right way to say the name, just search the ships and listen to the
    first audio

  16. Notser– post some HOI-4!

  17. Andreas Petersson

    Yamato 🙂 ?

  18. Mabrick's Movies

    Hi. I lurk. I learn. From you, I learn a lot. My game has improved a lot
    thanks you your vids. Don’t let the trolls get to you. They’re here
    watching you rather than doing it themselves. That ought to tell you
    something right there. Keep up the good work.

    PS: You don’t sound funny. I just can’t figure our how you can live in
    Texas and not have the drawl…

  19. Ships we wanna see or not your games a so amazing to watch! I’ve learned so
    much from watching u. If u weren’t he I probably wouldn’t have every ship
    in the game

  20. Isn’t High Caliber earned for a certain % of damage of the full HP of the
    enemy team?

  21. How are you not focused down?

  22. Nice video bud, hope someday I get the pleasure of playing with you or
    against you on Wows

  23. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Nice game Notser!! I have been playing my Clevealnd and using the same
    exact strategy with it as you just did in your Hotlanta. Keep up the great
    videos brother!!

  24. how does notser has 13.3 range on his guns than mine with 11 km range O_O

  25. Why not fill up your internet connection a bit more with HOI4 content? :D

  26. I got bros in Atlanta

  27. hope youre ok noster!

  28. Notser you do realise that a 100 ms ping is the equivelant of loosing 0.1
    seconds in the ping, which is neglegible and i have seen you play and you
    are amazing. but there is no way in hell that you have a reaction speed of
    0.1 seconds. So this should really not be an issue for you.

  29. You believe you can beat any one player 1v1? Doesn’t that translate that
    you think you are the single best player in the world? That seems really
    arrogant. Or do i have it wrong?

  30. Ghetto Gaming XIV

    Noster you should play War Thunder.

  31. i am still of the opinion that premium ships should not be allowed in
    ranked. gives and advantage to wallet warriors over people who arent.

  32. Talking about wining every on on one:
    I just managed to beat a Furutaka in the Karl. Ok, I got something like 5
    lucky citadels and some torp hits, but still, for a Karl that’s pretty

  33. Notser, even when your voice sounds “weird” to you (sounds fine to me)
    you’re still a lot easier to listen to than iChase or Business6. I love
    their videos, and they seem like cool guys like you, but Chase and Business
    both sound like they are coming down with a cold and have a bad sore
    throat. It literally makes me think I have a sore throat too.

  34. I can confirm, the Atlanta is very strong in Ranked. Thanks for the tip
    Notser. Just about everyone else thinks bringing the Atlanta into a Ranked
    game is suicide/insane/detrimental to the team. I had some kid absolutely
    lambaste me the other night because I brought an Atlanta into Ranked. He
    died first, I was #1 on the team and we won.

  35. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game. Big Russian Wows players call this ship garbage, but apparently
    everything’s good as long as skill is involved, and by analogy no ship can
    buy skills(tm).

  36. I feel your pain. I too suffer from a debilitating HOI4 addiction.


  38. cool notser, you’re a HOI IV fan too, im playing as japan and just
    conquered the US last night, sorry 😀
    btw what do you think of the messed up naval tech tree?, with the kongo
    after Amagi

  39. The Nick Holland

    this video seemed rushed and you seemed to “cover” your butt on everything
    you said. You ok bud?

  40. I’m on ranked 11. I only use Furutaka and Myoko

  41. Oh yeah, didn’t know Notser was also playing HoI4.

    It is a bit too easy at the moment, though. :D

  42. Atlanta is a great ship, I really do not care what many people think. She
    is incredibly fun in most cases, given there are times in Random where she
    does feel a bit useless, but more often than not that is not the case in my

    And very much unlike the newer Indianapolis, she is VERY unique – which is
    why I find her very fun to play! Where the Indianapolis? Well I don’t own
    her, and probably never will do, she is just too boring and plain with too
    many negatives… I mean for a cruiser, she sits MILES above the water with
    those HUGE slab sides that make her look like a giant bathtub, which makes
    her armor FAR worse than it should be, and at least in my experience
    fighting them, I have an easier time causing citadel damage to them than I
    do the Atlanta – probably due to that weakly armored and MASSIVE gap
    amidships. Of course she has no torpedoes, her reload is not the best, her
    shell arcs and travel times are, relative to her rate of fire anyway, only
    a MINOR improvement over the Atlanta’s shell travel times and arc, as with
    the Atlanta, at least you can “walk the shells onto target”.

    Now I by no means think Atlanta is a perfect ship, not like the Atago or
    Kutuzov, but she is often more fun than either, IMO of course!

    I DO wish WG would buff her stock range to at least 12km – OR lower her
    detection to something like 9.7 with the standard Premium Camo. But apart
    from doing that, and maybe adding another 1000 to 5000 HP, buffing anything
    more would make her firmly OP!

  43. Ajava-Riddhi Diskul

    God, how I both love n hate the atlanta rate of fire

  44. 6:20 Taking on an Indianapolis in an Atlanta is NOT INSANE AT ALL! It is
    what I would call EASY AS PIE!

    Seriously, Atlanta will chew up an Indianapolis LONG before it can do
    sufficient damage in return to sink the Atlanta! And if it gets within
    4.5km? Death is imminent from guns and torps.

    The only way an Atlanta will die quickly and easily to an Indianapolis is
    IF the Atlanta is spotted, out of range to fire at an enemy Indianapolis,
    and/or caught broadside in the open.

    Otherwise, in a 1v1 Atlanta wins, unless the person sailing her does not
    angle at all, and sails broad on to said Indianapolis, wich is stupid and
    pointless, as Atlanta has very good firing angles.

    Indianapolis is really, ugh… IMHO anyway. I have killed 2 of them in my
    Atlanta in the probably 5 games I played in her since the Indianapolis was
    released, all 1v1, and both of the ones I killed had more HP than I did.
    Then there are COUNTLESS other Indianapolis I have caused heavy damage to
    in Atlanta, as well as every other premium that can meet them that I have
    played since they were released.

  45. You don’t have a weird voice. Your voice and how you use it was one of the
    reasons why I subbed to your channel Notser :)And the awesome videos of
    course too!

  46. Any special reason you are firing your guns all at once vs a constant
    stream of fire?

  47. great video, a few people know how to play the lalanta at its best and you
    are one of them, keep up the great work

  48. High Caliber: Damage at least four enemy ships. Damage caused must exceed
    30% of the total HP of all the ships on the enemy team. In other words, add
    all the HP of the enemy team together, and claim 30% of that total from at
    least 4 ships. Confederate: Damage at least six enemy ships. Damage caused
    to each ship must exceed 20% of her normal HP. So six ships you do 20% of
    the damage to each ship.

  49. Hmmm not bad…………..for a texan I guess, Muhahahahahahahahahahaha
    cough splutter cough, dang furballs lol..Btw PanMan..Still
    waitingggggggggggggg hehe..

  50. The Atlanta will get meganerfed if they add limited ammo

  51. Notser are you playing overwatch? :/ share some gameplay if you do xD

  52. i have the Atlanta too, but no concealemnt skill. I think in game about
    rank10 an Atlanta is epic, because many are using DDs.

  53. Since you brought up pronunciation, you’ve been saying Mahan wrong 🙂 It’s
    pronounced mah-hahn. Source: Alfred Thayer Mahan, an admiral that
    revolutionized US naval policy, was the son of a famous Army general. The
    engineering building at West Point is named after him.

  54. What’s the name of the game quoted at the begnning of the video ? thx

  55. challenge accepted. When do we will a 1 vs 1? :D

  56. Ultimate Shifter

    such a fast game.

  57. I am like you I have been playing WoWS very little because I have been
    playing HoI4 a lot. So you planning to do a HoI4 series for the channel? I
    would love to see you play a country from start to finish, broken up in
    about about 30-60 min video’s.

  58. Ignore the trolls I like your content, keep going!

  59. Man, I love the Atlanta. Such a good ship if you can play smart.

  60. 5:57. I have notifications on to know when you have uploaded 6 min in to
    the video it tells me that you have uploaded. ? when I clicked on it it
    told be you uploaded 5 min before that ? Thanks technology!

  61. Nice game in the Atlanta. Have you given up on CVs?

  62. Its an older replay… but it checks out.

  63. Hey! This is Notser! ^^

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