World of Warships- Atlántico First Impressions: An Actual Good Dockyard Ship?

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my first impressions review of the new Tier VIII Premium Pan-American Battleship Atlántico, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Ship Intro
2:55 Ship Armor & Stats
8:30 Commander & Module Build
10:46 Gameplay Review


  1. Nice review. i peresonally would take brisk and concealment because you have a 11.5km conceal with a 11.3km secondary range, which is nasty. Brisk to up your speed that is coupled by nearly best in tier concealment.

    • Agreed 100%, its a lot like schlieffen in that regard, one of its strengths is that its sec range is so close to its conceal, and brisk makes it more comfortable to position and move around

  2. The problem with this ship is it gets up tiered against 10’s and superships, Seen two Atlantico’s in a division today on my team get completely owned by a T10 cruiser.

    • T8 cannot be matched with super ships its +2 matchmaking not +3 so if you want to avoid super ships stik to T8.

    • Well I can bounce from Yamato shell with the ship but yes it’s best not to solo anything but it can hold his own

  3. I think ill ass on the dockyard this time. Saw your video on TXI ships and decided to go for the TX Italian Cruiser instead of going for the “special” ship. Thanks for the advise.

  4. The Atlantico seems like what everyone wanted from the us bb split

  5. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Random always suck, but in ranked this would be so deadly

  6. Imagine how powerful this ship must have been in testing when it had hydro, improved pen angles on its AP, and longer AP fuse time that was speculated to ignore turtleback.

  7. The sad range and lack of spotter plane means that a good captain in any other brawling ship can simply kite away from it and win that way, and if the Atlantico tries to run, they can just turn around, pursue it, and still win by staying out of its gun range.

  8. I would put conceal expert and brisk on this thing. Your conceal can almost match your secondary range and cause it’s good stealth you can actually use brisk which makes its lack luster speed much more manageable.

    • @BigD Been watching streamers run it like this, up to 27 knots (I think 27.9?) and use her to push into rushes or caps with the conceal and let the secondaries do the work. She will suck if you have to chase though, but ideally you go quiet and reposition/move to help the team.

    • @Swarm509 so pretty similar to schlieffen, just isnt nearly as fast and lacks the torps lol, but still, the stealthy hunter, countering pushes, and using your conceal to reposition, ill feel right at home in this thing lol

  9. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Couple of corrections:
    1. 127s with IFHE pen 26mm not 27mm
    2. Price for the final phases is 3900 not 5000

  10. true fact, im more in it for the steel, plus another premium ship as well.

  11. I think replacing grease the gears with brisk and emergency repair wiht conceal turns this ship into a sneaky ambusher. You should get 11,5 km conceal which is only .2 longer than your sec range. And you get close to 29 kt while not detected. probably fire prevention for the lask skill. Concealment is not that usefull while the dds are around, but we all know how fast dds usualy die these days.
    Conceal and secondary range match like they do on german BC-s which is always fun. You get spoted and seconds later your secondaries are blazing away.

  12. One suggestion, at least for Dockyard ships videos – show the construction in the Dockyard? I know it would probably add another 5m to the video but it may be a nice touch. ^.^

  13. you can use brisk to make him faster, he have good cocealment so it might work

  14. Waverley Journalise

    I would love to see more BBs that have better armour and less range. Far too many high tier ships these days can deal damage from 20km+ and that’s cancer for the game.

  15. I think you should get concealment since this ship is like the schlifen in a way

  16. Good write up! I was thinking this ship would be be a beast in tier 8/9 ranks battles. At the very least she is an unique ship that isn’t just terrible out of the gate.

  17. seems like a solid bb and finally a decent dockyard ship.

  18. it’d be fun to see this ship having a special mechanic, where the 234mm guns have T10 secondary range, but the 127mm is the usual T8 range. That’d be great to see. Or a similar consumable as the Hannover, where you can boost your secondaries for a short period of time.

  19. Is a new pan American line coming? Through I think this ship might be fun, its hard to justify getting if captain training isn’t a partial function.

  20. A major downside of this ship is the nation. Most people have to grind a new commander. And for he secondaries to be effective you need a high point commander. If you talk about the heal, please mention how it compares to other heals. Those numbers mean nothing to most people.

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