World of Warships – Attempting to Aircraft Carrier.

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– Attempting to .

So as a BB Main, I hate carriers. But you know what? Its time I tried it properly…

World of Warships is a fun free to play warship game by Wargaming, Check them out!

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy the video! x

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  1. I’m not first
    I swiped up on your notification thinking you were polecat lmao

  2. Im not seconed

  3. First like yay

  4. Holy shitz I have never been this early to your vids :3

  5. Oh when I clicked on this I thought this was phlydaily he usually does these type of things

  6. USMC the best of the best

    I like the video because your not that good but good at the game!

  7. Didn’t you say you love CV’s anyway? I mean… I heard that someone clipped that… also, I think you need a proper CV lesson from a true CV expert. #CVlove #CVlivesmatter #finallySheRealizedHowGreatCVsAre

    This video made me very happy. Thank you for that 🙂

  8. Should’ve gone on a glorious soviet vessel.

    Not on a western spy ship

  9. I’m glad you’re channel is growing keep doing what you love to do and also you remember me of a good friend I used to have also you kind of sound like her too

  10. Nice job… I still have a ways to go until I get a carrier.

  11. your the best youtuber Firekitten

  12. Do DOJ pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    • I left DOJ last September. I can’t make content for a community I’m no longer part of. And no I won’t rejoin.

  13. b Blakethegamerdude

    Nice now I know some tips for when I do feel like play WoW with my first aircraft carrier.

  14. Great to see this.
    A carrier player can either choose an attack loadout (more torpedo/dive bombers less fighters) to farm damage, credits and XP or an air superiority loadout (less bombers, more fighters) or roll with the default loadout. This class also requires much more focus and thought because you not only have to watch your own ship or your own area of the waters you’re cruising in, but also the entire map and see how you’re contributing strategically to the outcome of the game.

    In my opinion, the unsung heroes of a mid tier and high tier battle are carrier players who roll with a air superiority loadout. These guys keep the skies clear by “defanging” the enemy carrier player by killing his torpedo/dive bombers with their numerically superior fighters. Battleship players love these guys for keeping them alive (almost as much they love cruiser players who hang with battleships to provide AAA cover).
    If you decide to go with the attack loadout, you can also “snipe” the enemy CV by taking him out early game and his planes won’t be an issue the rest of the match. Do at your own risk though because he may or may not be planning the same thing against you.
    And finally, the carrier player can be a hero for his team by spotting as many enemies as possible with their aircraft (enemy destroyers hate this).

  15. Perfect grammar tittle

  16. She may only be a T5 ship but she was deadly during WWI USS TEXAS

    Armament:10 × 14 in/45 caliber guns6 × 5 in/51 caliber guns10 × 3 in/50 caliber gun10 × quad 40 mm Bofors AA guns44 × 20 mm Oerlikon cannons

    She is the first US museum ship.

    Wargaming has a documentary about her. So you can learn more about her

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