World of Warships- Auction House: Cool Addition, Or More Exploitation?

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Hey guys, today I further discuss my thoughts on the new Auction House and genuinely want to know what you guys think of it, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Weegee? Exploiting someone? Good one 😂

    OFC it’s an exploit! 🤑🤑🤑

    • exploit ?
      no in Russia that’s normal behavior

      also, it’s the same as the black market for World of Tanks.

      edit: also, how many times has WG broken their promises of not bring back a specific item…

  2. H̶o̶f̶f̶n̶u̶n̶g̶

    I think saying, “you don’t have to use it” is not as easy as you make it out to be. It’s still predatory in a way that it plays on the gambling urges of us humans. So even if you don’t want to you might feel the urge to… Kinda like lootboxes 2.0 especially with not knowing how much you have to bid

    • Mirko Mihovilovic

      @PickelJars ForHillary If you dont care for the game wellbeing, keep that attitude little one

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      @Mirko Mihovilovic “If you dont care for the game wellbeing, keep that attitude little one”
      Translation: Only my opinion matters to the game wellbeing and you better agree with me or else.

    • Mirko Mihovilovic

      @PickelJars ForHillary Its not only mine, its shared across a lot of people I know and play with so yeah. Less narcissistic than you ‘d think.

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      @PickelJars ForHillary Cool strawman

    • @Mirko Mihovilovic i dont care if doubloon were part of the system or not. Let people bid for stuff if they want to.
      Vast majority of premiums are balanced especially the ones you buy with doubloons. The only 2 unbalanced ships in this game is the thundener and FDR, neither of which are doubloons bought,

  3. Cool Addition AND More Exploitation!!!

  4. Alexander the 3rd XD

    I’m not ready to experience broke

  5. After the Santa crates, blind bids seems like a bad idea. The house always wins.

  6. Mirko Mihovilovic

    Every day we stray farther from a decent game.

  7. the idea that they might use it as a way to earn those highly sought after legacy ships makes me think thats why they removed some of them from the santa crates such as the Imperator Nikolai, might start seeing auction exclusive ships?

  8. Just immagine if they would allow to sell rare ships for real Money. Mi Missouri, Cesare, gremlin and musashi would make me rich.

  9. Every time I hear blind bet, think of a dark room with curtains closed betting on illegal items.

  10. I’m okay with normal ships that have been removed but not the broken ones or only a very limited number of a few broken ones possibly but it’s gonna be interesting and I just hope it doesn’t go horribly wrong with controversy like wg is known for … I love this game and just want it to be in a solid state with a happy community drama free … be easy sea lord

  11. I’m thinking either the ultimate whale bait the payto Rico, or maybe the Makarov lol

  12. Bombicus Bombicus

    Auction house here is unique example of “reverse reverse engineering” inside PotatoGaming. If you are common with their tanks, some points of this new feature may look exactly like the WoT “Black Market”. And no wonder, it has been held for already 3 times and next one is coming this winter. Just look for some highlighted moments from tank streamers during these events and you will understand why we have it here in ships counterpart)

  13. I’m wondering, SLM, is there an existing video, where you don’t crash into other ships?

  14. Welcome to WG’s casino 2.0!

  15. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    The auction house may start out innocent enough… But WGs history says that they will quickly twist it.

  16. Ah yes, Whaler Heaven! Let’s goooooo!

    This will be great, I bet…

    • Eh, not quite. You’d see way more doubloon whaling if player auctions were a thing. If I can’t whale doubs on tier 10 ships, it’s not happening lol. It’s all about exclusives to get people whaling.

    • @Ibuki Dude, there were people whaling for Lepanto, a tech tree ship. Dafuq are you high on?

      If people can risk getting ships seemingly for a good discount, you can bet your ass they’ll spend bank to do it.

    • @Nick I believe you misunderstood what i intended to convey. I’m not saying that people *wont* whale, but that there’d be way MORE whaling if they had chosen a different direction. Whales will always whale, but theres things you can do that will make dolphins whale, yknow?

  17. Only noticed this now but..

    25k subs?

    Congrats mate!

    Looks like the shells landed this time!

  18. Probably the way WeeGee sees how deep their players pockets are for this sort of stuff.

  19. *looks back at Diablo III and the Auction House*

    Nope, I don’t see anything bad coming from this.

  20. “They aren’t making anybody use it. You could never touch it and be fine.”
    Now I’m just waiting for them to introduce a ship you can only obtain through the auction house lmao

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