World of Warships // Audacious / “Carriers, they’ll never catch on”

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This is bound to be one of my most popular videos ever, I can just tell.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I’m speechless. D:

  2. Hey Grand Master Jedi, we love you the way you are. Oh, and dont forget thr Mighty Sam, who kontrolles the Jedi 🙂

  3. You were in the top third of your team, so I’d say you made a positive contribution. And the fact that you’re worried about it means that you’ll get better at it.

    • Yeah, it seemed like a pretty decent game. There’s things that could have gone better (pre-dropping, fighter placement, trying to get ticking damage) – but it’s the same for me when I play CV. I guess it’s just a part of getting better at playing the class.

  4. I’d say you did better here than about 89% of the entire carrier playerbase

  5. Damn, the aircraft are absolutely beautiful, when the camera is in close during takeoff

  6. That actually looks to be a fairly decent setup of captains skills – I’d only quibble with your 2 point skill – I prefer Improved Engines for more plane speed – and Search and Destroy for one of your 1 point skills – I prefer going for Last Gasp to restore Engine Boost – but those two are just a matter of personal preference, nothing worthy of a facepalm – everything else looks to be good solid choices – I ran basically the same setup (allowing for the Skill Rework) on Audacious two years ago when they first allowed carriers into Clan Battles – albeit that is the ONLY time I’ve taken a carrier into a PvP mode – normally I only do Operations or Co-Op.

  7. I hate you.

    Okay… I am over it. 🙂

  8. Hey Jedi, perfectly ok, you’re a good guy, you can even put up Smolensk videos? I just signed a petition to put eyes on the new building in Glasgow shaped like a jobbie? I’m always pleased when I expand my knowledge of the more arcane terms in Scots?

  9. Arman Sagmanligil

    with audacious, most of your damage is from fires and floods. your bombers have a ton of bombs, but your torps also have good flood chances and are accurace (for sniping bows)

  10. Nice, very nice…

  11. IMO the fact you are thinking if you helped your team enough,
    is probably more than most carrier players will do
    so I think it was good
    But as I’ve never played a CV, I wouldn’t know for sure
    enjoyable video as per usual Jedi

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