World of Warships: Audacious Preview [WIP]

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Audacious preview after the hotfix. She’s still a work in progress and might change. AA is getting changed again in the next patch so she is going to be impacted. I included the commander skills and upgrades I used on her at 10:15.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy aircraft carrier Audacious. This is a test ship given to community contributors for testing.


  1. Well, looks like I found something to spend my free exp from the rework ouo

    • I’m thinking the same thing. Then again, they’ll probably nerf it a month after release, just enough time for people to get trapped into converting free xp. WG business model working as intended.

  2. Thank you Aerroon for the detailed explanation of the CV mechanic. Love your vids!

  3. Konrad Toporkiewicz

    The game is so broken now.

  4. 200k damage with no risk and no counterplay, at least rts took skill. throw this rework in the dumpster

  5. Aerroon, I know it can be frustrating for a DD being shadowed, but if the CV focus only shadowing 1 ship then the DD is doing something worth while for the team as he is occupying that CV while the rest of the team is not harrassed. Also, DD AA can hurt planes alot, depending on which DD.

    I didn’t realise the RFD was centered on the fighters. I think that is a bug. Its not supposed to be centered on the planes since the RFD equipment suppose to be on the ship >_< To big for a plane to carry.

    • The problem with CV spotting a DD is that it’s frustrating to play against. That can be a much bigger problem than it being too strong in a game like World of Warships. The game rewards you for doing well individually in a match and not necessarily for winning the match. As a result, having a CV able to ruin your game is frustrating as hell. This is why the spotting thing, in my opinion, needs to change.

    • I was just thinking about how it was previously, where a CV can perma spot a DD while still attack other ships. They can’t do that anymore. So the CV is sacrificing his own gameplay too if he goes and focus only on 1 DD. Thats kinda the angle I was coming from 🙂

  6. On a Q&A stream with a russian streamer couple days ago S_O said that currently shooting down planes doesn’t give any rewards at all – 0 XP and credits for it. But they want to reintroduce this reward when meta stabilizes and better balance is achieved

    That’s probably why Mino stayed behind you in score ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Taiho and Essex should be the only strongest cvs

  8. Trying to figure what these ships being attacked have by way of defence and realising… nothing…. So the reason for the CV rework ha failed.

  9. Level bombers i think

  10. Early on in the 8.0 update I went up against this ship in a Wooster. It was a super tester from twa or omni clan. It’s safe to say he was testing the ship vs a good aa ship. He almost killed me no matter what I did. Would have died to him but some else decided to ks me ?

  11. Another silly CV

  12. Im surprised WG didnt give the British Bombers Tallboys

  13. carpet bombingis is so fantasticly strong lol it has the same aiming system as attack planes but do more damage

  14. High level bombers.

  15. this CV is way OP compared to the others

  16. Am I finally going blind, or your contrast turned way up to 11?

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