World of Warships- Austin Buffed & Italian Battleships Nerfed

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Hey guys, today we have some news from the DevBlog about the upcoming Tier X American Light Cruiser Austin, and the Italian BBs, enjoy!


Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. 8:25 damn thats scrared me. hope u doing well now. sealord

  2. Who needs SAP when you can hit hard ships bow in with heavy American AP 😛

  3. 8:26 Bless you, oh bless you again.

  4. New German DD are allready bad. No speedboost, no smoke, no concealment, slow and big with 7s reload guns with the worst HE out there. The AP wont matter in this meta, u will not become the chance to even use it. But hey they need more nerfs to show how bad german ships are.

    • and worst they still can be nerfed further because the tester probably play it in co-op and WG Geniuses thinks she too strong.

  5. Put it this way: if there’s going to be an Italian nerf, I’d rather the reload was affected than any parameters such as HP, heals, speed, rudder shift, shell damage etc.

  6. With how the Austin is starting to shape up, it sounds like basically the swiss army knife of warships.

  7. lmao ofc Italian BBs and German DDs get nerfed, expecting anything different is foolish.

    • These ships have not even been released. Its stupid to claim any “buffs or nerfs” of ships that are still undergoing testing.

  8. Classical wg.

  9. is it fair to call nerf or buff while he’s not in the game?

  10. Dead eye should only be an ability for factions that have dispersion of coast lines

    • Na, deadeye should have the opposite activation requirements – instead of no ship in base detection it should need a spotted ship in base detection.

      Buff brawling for fun.

  11. 8:25 coof confirmed! Into quarantine with you!

  12. the new german heavy dds were trash from the start and they nerf them

  13. Thank you for this information, I have not bothered with ranked since November as it was driving me nuts.

  14. Id rather have less SAP alpha, then a 30+ sec reload

  15. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Austin is broken alright , They sould tone down its spec more align with its peers, the Smolensk and Colbert or they should buff the later two to align more inline with Austin , else its just artificially creating this gross in-balance and we are talking CLA vs CLA and even same kind of caliber … its already bad with CB looping into the circle, its now even worse.

    German DD , great only plus is a set of accurate guns but accuracy do not account for lack of DPM, armor, HP, and speed, stealth, maneuverability … and those are still AP, which mean they got bounced when facing angled targets and 150 do not work on most BB at any distance other than point blank range and not working even on many Cruisers at any distance … so in the end a number that say its accurate … great we had many accurate guns in the game already especially with all the DEADEYE around, do those big bore AP even work … and why the HE spamming … accurate AP … hmmm .. if and only if it can actually score enough penetrated hits. and if facing CL/DD with their fast reload guns I can safely say the smaller faster guns will almost always come out on top

  16. 8:30 I hope you recover from that nasty case of ‘rona!

  17. if you look at the UI for commander skills, it appears as though they’ve intentionally left room for 4 more skills on either side, to possibly add 8 more skill options later. imagine having an alternate Dead Eye, which increased accuracy when ships WERE detected within your concealment range! oh man that would be some serious fun! just charge down on those back-line snipers, removing their perk while gaining your own!

  18. Seeing a thunderer burning puts a smile on my face.

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