World of Warships – Austin Go Brrrrt!

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Next time you get into a battle take some time to study that loading screen team lineup rather than using the 30 seconds to grab a fresh drink from the fridge. It might be useful.

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  1. Thanks for another great video Jingles! Been watching you for years since I found your old videos on world of tanks, when I was playing it years ago. Keep it up!

  2. There’s no need to rush to the fridge if the fridge is in your room.

  3. 0:35 – how dare you call me out, Sir. I merely feel thirsty and parched upon clicking “Battle”

  4. Gotta love when even the submarines complain about the submarines!😂😂

  5. Jeroen van den Hark

    Ah, the USS Austin (CL-154): putting the Dakka into Texas since 1945 (if it had actually existed).

  6. BelowAverage_Potato here!! Thanks again for the video!! My buddy Prometheus and I were screaming with this game. This was so much fun!

  7. That start on the 2 DDs 🤣

  8. That is pretty much the motto of an Austin, “My guns go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!”. At lest that Ohio was a good sport about it all, and i agree with him.

  9. Talking about submarines taking torpedo hits, Jingles can you make another Cold Waters video?

  10. Used to do smoke mod gearing with 2 worcesters back when that was considered to be good firepower, it worked insanely well

  11. All they needed was a radar Minotaur for a truly toxic division.

  12. As a lizard person, I can confirm that we are actually out to get that submarine.

  13. I have two different reactions to seeing divisions in the team line up.
    If it’s on the enemy team I wonder ‘why have those ships teamed up?’
    If they’re on my team it’s more like ‘why have THOSE ships teamed up?!’

  14. Waverley Journalise

    “Whilst you partied, I studied the enemy destroyers” – Austin, probably

    • Austin, definitely. Honestly just a lucky coincidence

    • Waverley Journalise

      @Jeff Lewis Racing I chose Plymouth over Austin, as I enjoyed Minotaur and Belfast ’43. Had a clanmate with Austin who found it suffered a lot when you couldn’t bring someone to spot for you. That said the absolute power of dakka is hilarious in action.

  15. Jingles: “This is a family channel”
    Also Jingles: *refuses promotion because he specifically wants to remain REAR admiral*

  16. love that the ohio watched his destroyers evaporate and immediately concluded this was not going to be his game.

    • I gotta hand it to him, he went down fighting. He was able to dodge most torpedoes headed his way, did his best to kite and disengage, and scored some blind fire hits. I hope he had a better game afterward.

  17. 18 seconds… XD
    That is the fastest I have ever seen two destroyers die in a WoWs video, and I am a regular guest of this show for around 5 years. ^^
    That I call quality entertainment!

  18. I am always amazed at how active chat in american servers is.
    In Europe we either have local languages or insults on average

  19. Yikes that was hilariously enjoyable to watch DDs just go brrrrt

  20. I love it, I *love* how the Ohio found a way to blame the DDs. Even as I watched it go down, I knew someone on the enemy team would be complaining that it was their DDs fault. Had the DDs not sailed into the cap: “GD DDs aren’t capping!” Had they not persecuted the Somers: “GD DDs aren’t spotting!” Classic WoWs. No idea why anyone bothers to keep playing the class.

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