World of Warships- Austin Is Literally Insane

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Hey guys, today we have a few clips showing off the insanity that is the new Tier X Premium cruiser, Austin. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Morning all. Flambass thought this ship was crazy op with gun fire.

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      @Danhvn you mean the game where he melted entire bbs to the water with that reload booster? Somehow you blanked that out of your.kemory or something?

    • @Arizona Anime-Fan I meant the game where he melted broadsiding stationary Moskva and JB at the range less than 10km and neither of them are shooting back.
      Yes that game.

    • @RRedcraftRR personal attack? oh dear here comes a snowflake who doesnt know what personal attack really means.
      if you can pen or citadel broadside moskva with AP at close range, you can do that to almost any other t10 cruiser. not enough to bounce? bounce? what? there’s no bouncing where you are flat broadsiding at close range. did you mean shatter, you cant tell the difference between bounce and shatter?
      “you dont need to know the stats by heart” no, you need to know stats by brain not heart. the fact that you think armor stats doesnt matter and only experience matter means you are just another potato who plays a ship without knowing the ship.

    • @Bruuh I’m not sure why you think that’s hilarious?

      He was probably the most honest of all the CCs – In any Q&A he was the one who really grilled WG.

      As a community, its hard to argue, we were better with Flamu as a CC!

    • @Barry Hutchison 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😮😮😯😯😜😜😜😭😭😭

  2. At last these broken Ships are arrived and not able to obtained by A normal player why the hell Weegee makes Stuffs so annoying because they are not providing anything for normal player.

  3. I feel like there needs to be a glass shatter sound effect when you hit the reload boaster. cause ur about to stomp a mud hole and walk it dry while opening a can of whoop ass.

  4. another nail in the t10 coffin , another clearly broken ship heading to the tier 1 whaling fleet of santa crates to extort tons of money

  5. I suppose they won’t stop until they run off any player who doesn’t want “Rocket League of Warships”…

  6. So, was going to return to WOWS after Deadeye was fixed, seems like I might just leave it be with shit like that being pulled by wargaming

  7. Atlanta: was once the best HE spammer
    Smolensk: was once the best HE spammer
    Austin: now the best HE and SAP spammer
    Meanwhile Colbert: why am I still here, just to suffer
    **Sad Colbert noises**

  8. This game has gone to the dogs. No use grinding anything other than steel ships. WG developers are morons

  9. WG: let’s remove Smolensk, it’s OP!
    also WG: Austin goes brrrrrrrr!

    Are they mental or what?

    • @bidzej86 no. Smolensk has the 70 mm pepega armor AND a smokescreen. Austin gets just enough belt armor to arm AP shells and no smokescreen, meaning to play it you need to be very good at dodging shells. The shell arcs are also flatter than most CLs, meaning shooting over islands is also not as viable.

    • With smolensk you can survive at any situation, with Austin you can’t

    • @__ The video above proves that you can shoot over islands just fine. And you can bounce most AP shells if you have a slight idea of what angling is. Have you watched it at all? :>

    • @bidzej86 Have you watched MalteseKnights streams? He plays Austin almost daily at a unicum level. Yes, the 32 mm does bounce 457 mm shells, but if a stray shell or a Yamato hits you on the 16 mm bow or stern you die instantly. He has a review on the Austin up on YouTube that goes into much more depth.

    • she only have 32mm side plating but her deck,bow and stern is still 16mm so not to tanky is not like shell gonna land into her side plating.

  10. Smolenks and Des Moines: We fear no man, but that thing: Austin, It scares us

  11. I’d rather have my Smolensk.. Smoke is the winning factor..

  12. Makes me feel better about staying away from the game since Deadeye…

  13. Insane? Depend of the situation, a thunderer find you, she destroy everything.
    Austin isn’t insane and the reload booster has to be use really carefully, i mean choose your target correctly.

  14. Wow, every single aspect of this ship is broken as hell. WG doesnt even try to hide their predatory business practices anymore

  15. That guy in the chat complaining,

    “Great, more idiots”

    I don’t think he saw what had just happened.

  16. “Brawling isn’t dead”
    Next video: so light cruisers can do it too?

  17. There is a trend, devs are trying to totally ruin and kill the game by putting total BS ships behind a clan-players-only-can-get-total-BS-ships scheme. Game really is over, when an Austin or FDR show up on opposite team, everyone should just leave the game. It would be ok if everyone could get them, but not everyone can get into an active clan that has the same play-time as yourself. It is just dumb.

  18. It’s a unforgiven glass cannon, and you will get punished for the least mistake.

  19. Infinity TRIPPY Videos

    Me: come on, nothing can be LITERALLY insane
    Me watching the clip: oh…

  20. Time to leave the game just like I did with WoT after some 54,000 games, sad but that is WG’s model all over.

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