World of Warships – Average Erik

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We can’t all be great all the time. For most of us the best we can hope for is to not be terrible most of the time and good enough when it matters. Also, never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake. That helps.

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  1. Another jingles video, goes well with dinner 😀

  2. Shouldn’t this be a game of throws? Especially since the enemy team choked so hard?

  3. You’ve never been insulted until you’ve had a SNCO from His Majesty’s Armed Forces shouting at you.

    • @Mike Mcghin Senior Non-commissioned Officer. Where a commissioned officer typically has a degree, these are the ones you see making the plans. NCO’s are the working mans leaders. We are given the plan and make it work.

    • I would definitely say thats true in the U.S. Army as well.

    • @tmarcus309 I agree was in the army program. But at Military school we had ROTc drillers that were closer to Marines than Army. Hooah. My “old lady” roommate was in the fish Drill Team which was the team they used at the beginning of, “A Few Good Men” in 1992

    • I had a drill Sgt once ask me if I had ever seen a Baboons red, hairless, ass. I screamed “Yes Drill Sgt.” He replied “Well, you are Baboon, butt-ugly, private.” Epic.

    • @Some Bloke Well, actually similarly: When someone’s puking from exhaustion during 10km running marches in full kit: “Now you stand up and run you piece of filth, or I’ll be sticking up that FAL so deep in your ass that you’d swear you had a third leg.” When having to dig a foxhole: “Start digging like you wanna fuck the earth. It will be the closest all you ugly sissy boys will come to real intercourse with a woman.” Or when on similar marches: “What do you mean you can’t go on? I haven’t heard your crotch breaking down yet, so up and run before I’ll make it break.”

      Sounds like you were with some infantry unit too. And way before the snowflake fun police came to spoil the party. Correct? 😀

      Somehow, thinking back it sounds all the more funny, but it certainly felt so when being pushed to the limit as a recruit.

      I also remember that when a new shift of recruits arrived and we saw how they were being dressed down, that we started to recognize certain phrases and looked at these newbies with some gloating, some of whom looked as if they were about to cry. Had we been able to see ourselves the 1st week of our initial training, I guess we’d have been slightly less impressed with ourselves.

  4. Kristoffer Mangila

    For hardcore fellas, its an average game, but for average players like PapaErik, its the game of a lifetime, especially if its featured by a fellow military veteran like Jingles. PapaErik, GG and thanks for your service.

    • Yeah whenever you hit 100k as a Average Joe its a grate feeling.

    • @Jay Werner I think if 100k is your benchmark for a great game you’re not an average joe, you get to look up at the joes from the stats ladder

    • @ainumahtar What?

    • @ainumahtar I know. My average was 50k and I never got above tier 8, subs are what made me finally quit but, the carrier rework is what made it less fun. Felt too much like cheating!

    • @TheBitter73 A lot of tier9+ ships have 80-100k dmg as their average per game overall, so if your 100k games are your ‘great’ games, you’re actually worse than ‘the average joe’. I’m not sure how much more clear I can spell that out, so if you still don’t understand I don’t know what to tell you.

  5. I noticed that in chat that somebody told publicly for both teams to see where his team mate is and he shortly died after that. Hilarius.

  6. A fair video comes with fair criticism. First of all, it is great that erik managed to get a nice score, especially when it comes to the ballistics that can be quite unique ship to ship. However, I see no reason why he is running a secondary build spec on a ship that is mostly designed around its main guns. Of course, every player is free to build their ship how they like, but afaik, the strength of the iowa comes from the mobility and the main battery firepower, rather than the secondary guns, which would be better suited for a ship like the massa

    • Dunno how hard it is to respec, but one thing jumps to mind; While you’re still learning how to shoot the main guns, why not give the secondaries a boost since those guys are already aimbots.

  7. Since the majority of us all are/were average players I see nothing wrong with featuring an average game.
    Not everything has to be 300k and 8 kills.

  8. I remember Flambass being asked how to improve by a viewer and his response was to learn to position; be in the right place at the time. He said something to the effect of being able to shoot is useful, but paying attention to the mini map and where ships are and then putting your ship in the right place to be where you’re needed will win more games than being the best shot in the game, because it’s no good being the best shot in the game if you yolo in and get blapped inside of 2 minutes.
    This game is an Average Joes’ demonstration of that; not the best shot, but was trying to be in good positions, firing at the right ship (including DDs) and later, not charging out after the Iwami. Sure it’s not Unicum game, but a game to be pleased with. Well worth showing.
    And yes, that Smaland was absolutely the MVP.

    • Molten Bramley Apple

      I’m sorry but there is no way you can say his positioning was good. And neither should he be expected to, he is a bad player (not even average). I don’t mean to have a go at him because we fully acknowledge this. But he isn’t utilising is health pool to the benefit of his team by just sitting back with a spotter plane.

    • His positioning was actually quite poor for most of the game. He hung far too back behind an island and gave up too much map control. At the 9:30 mark he was clumped up with two other BBs at A, and ended up sailing further towards the 1 line. That was pretty much the worst place he could have been, and it was at that point someone started raging at him in chat. Where he really needed to be from the very start of the battle was up north between B and C where the team was weaker. There he would have been able to create a cross fire against all the enemy ships pushing south.

      The truth is that he mostly got lucky. His poor positioning contributed to the enemy team getting a massive lead and in a majority of cases this would have just turned into another loss where he was “that” battleship, full health and last alive on the team with 50k damage. There was absolutely no reason all those low health ships needed to push in and give flat broadside at close range. This wasn’t the case of his positioning forcing the enemy into a bad place, rather it was the enemy willingly putting themselves into a bad position for no reason.


      Also as a general point, he spent too much time bow in not utilizing his rear turrets. I acknowledge its easy to fall into the trap of giving too much broadside in order to use all your guns, but the Iowa has decent firing angles and staying mobile with good positioning makes it a lot easier to get all guns on target.

    • @Yashma The position will depend on what both teams do also, example, all your team races to cap circle a while you (in an Iowa) and a lone Akizuki go towards c. I ran into the whole enemy team and before I could blink, Torps galore!! We won because the rest of my team knew where the whole enemy team was minus 1 DD that was AFK in the start position. They knew what to do and I didn’t because no one ever told me so, thank you for some wisdom!

  9. ah… dutch panzer guys… back in the day when i was playing world of tanks i had the pleasure of stumbling across a whole bunch of them, joining their clan and having a real blast playing with them. fun times 😀

  10. WoWS in a nutshell.

  11. The true horror is on the minimap 6,5 -7 friendly ships are held off at A by 3 enemies and 3 friendles start kiting, others stand still or just sail around back and forth. I do not understand.

  12. tbh the main contribution he made was not dying so the smaland had more time to carry him

  13. @ainumahtar in the big scheme yes but he also contributed kills and damage to even if he wasnt used to the ship. everything doesnt just boil down to not dying

  14. @liam Except he didn’t do any appreciable damage for the first 10, arguably 15 minutes, so no, I disagree. His main contribution was just not dying, which meant that there was an Iowa there which probably kept at least some of the enemies from pushing, but mostly “because Iowa” and not because Erik was effective in it.

  15. It’s fun to watch as the match progresses. His aiming improves little by little. I had this when I got the North Carolina, those super heavy shells does come with a learning curve. But once you nailed it they are God tier.

    Once ingot my Monty and fully speced into damage, one Grosser Kurfurst lost 66k of his health in one salvo

  16. Jingles never change, blind for one thing, focus on another

  17. Jingles was a senior NCO in the RN and Erik was a loader aboard a tank in the Dutch Army.

    So, Jingles drank his way around the world and Erik worked for a living?

  18. This game gives me hope that my Destroyer replay I sent in may one day be graced with a mighty cast from Jingles. 🙂

  19. Good game PapaErik and from an average player like myself this makes me smile to see a game like this congrats dude

  20. @ainumahtar i didnt say he did alot of damage and kills etc, but he had some kills and damage witch contributed. when you are new to a ship you are not effective in it, noone really is until you learn the ship. but just saying that him not dying was his only contribution is not right or true

  21. @NMCCW I thought a slightly silly Military story was just what folks needed.
    BTW, my USAF AFSC (My “Job”) doesn’t exist anymore because the plane Model (s) I was certified on don’t exist anymore. Yep…. Going back a *bit*

  22. St. Michael Minion

    Funny! My dad was in the Air Force during Korea.

  23. PapaEric, GG and thank you for your service! Congratulations on the win and getting featured on the channel. Thank you Akizuki, I mean Jingles (Oh, come on, we all know who the boss is here) for the replay!

  24. Ya forgot one.
    Use DD’s as traps! They never see it commin!

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