World of Warships – Average, fast, easy, not even special and still on TOP

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I didn’t really have much time to play this ship and the games I had were bizarre and super fast because it’s patch day and everyone is ridiculous, but I can tell you this. It’s super powerful and relatively easy to play. If you ever find yourself against a division (of even 2) of these DO NOT engage them. You will melt like butter. It’s is incredible how fast they take all of your HP away.
I think it’s broken, just like Colbert and it should be in the game but hey, what do I know.
I’m off to Gamescom for few days, but when I come back I’ll show you what the TRU POWAH of this thing is.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    Ah, tier X Kutuzow…
    I approve! 😛

  2. Everybody gangsta until the *smoke screen speaks Russian*

  3. i though it has 16 guns. add moskva radar to it pls 🙁

  4. This ship is insane, and as a fan of the Kutuzov, I REALLY want it.

  5. Stalin: *slams an MG-42 on the table* “I want you to make this into a ship.”
    Engineers: “Haha, is very funny joke, comrade Stalin.”
    Stalin: “It was not joke. Make MG-42 into ship, or I send you to gulag.”

  6. Flambass: How the title should sound ?
    – lets try it without sarcasm :kappa:

  7. 3:51, comrade Stalin approves of this awe-inspiring instrumental by-product

  8. Its gun sound not “blak blak blak” its “blyat blyat blyat”

  9. You make it very hard to watch at 12:00 am. Talk a bit quiet then scream. Have to adjust the volume every 10 seconds lol

  10. History Gaming Verified

    I need a sound mod where every Soviet ships gun sounds are replaced with Flambass saying “blyat blyat blyat”.

  11. 16 rapid firing guns with stalinium infused shells, hydroacoustic search, smoke screen, heals, and torpedoes? weak. give it radar and reload booster for more balans

  12. Can i get some of whatever Flambass is on during this battle? (citadelled for all his health….woohoo!)

  13. This ship is a level of silly I didn’t think I’d ever get to see in the game!

  14. So your puny AP shells mean nothing to me and at 5:23 lord palpatine is rebalanced. The reaction was priceless flambass xD!

  15. The Lightning Count

    You were about to whine about the kill-steal. Next thing, you realize another Captain already has your pants down, and his “big gun” lubed.

    Very entertaining.

  16. Jimmiar Reltherford

    I WAS grinding coal for Yoshino but not anymore!!

  17. I can’t wait to get my Smolensk. 😉

  18. The main benefit of the Smolensk I’ve encountered so far is that if you’re in a Mino you don’t get focused 1st the Smolensk does 🙂

  19. This ship is much to powerful with his smoke , fast reload and low concealment.

  20. When the Yamato’s plane flew in front of the ship’s banner, I read “Yamatomato” and wondered what happened.

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