World of Warships – Avoid Passive Tears Epicenter

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I recently played on Tears of the Desert with the Epicenter gametype. The Twitch chat groaned when we loaded into the map, it is notorious for causing super passive play. I take the and try to look to push the tempo and avoid a stagnant game. We push forward, but must wait on the enemy to pull back before a final push into their islands. Hope this can help those in a similar situation, good luck and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Missouri Replay


  1. Absolute sack map+shit mod=tears epicenter

  2. What is best in life?

    To detonate your enemies! To see the Cruisers fleeing before you! To hear the lamentations of the women!

  3. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Great video!

    Who els is here before 1,000 views

  4. Trench warfare with warships? Ships and trenches are simply not compatible.

  5. wow. that montana is a grade A potato. t10, man oh man

  6. Look up the Alaska it is a supper-heavy-cruser.

  7. Ömer Bekcioglu

    wg rework on damn epicenter, okinawa maps!

  8. Super heavy cruisers for the US -> Alaska class battlecruiser

  9. After Bastion and Ocean , this has to be the most retarded game mod and map WG has ever made . Tho Okinawa and Mountain Range comes in pretty close as well

  10. Sorry, Its an exciting map for DD’s

  11. bring back 2vids per day Notser ??

  12. Yes Super heavy cruiser, USS Alaska please!

  13. I noticed Notser no longer upload 2 videos per day. why?

  14. WG needs to create and establish a separate battlecruiser line and stock it with great ships like HMS Lion, KMS Defflinger, USS Alaska and others.

  15. World War I all over again… that is one of my favorite descriptions of Tears.

  16. WP but if I tried that I would die ?

  17. Sometimes eating massive damage at the beginning makes you play more cautious and makes the plays happen! ;o)

  18. i wondet how many percentages of games you actually win just because the enemy team tried to kill you instead of playing the game properly and losing strategic advantages. haha

  19. We NEED the Alaska-class heavy cruisers for the U.S. tech tree!

  20. Well Notser i am like you i show just a little bit of my side and i am dead every time

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