World of Warships: Awesome Ise Game

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Ise’s aviation capabilities combined with basically-Fuso make for a fun combination! The captain voice over is Enterprise from Azur Lane.

0:00 Ise Match
15:29 End Screen
16:28 Captain Skills & Upgrades
17:03 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 Japanese aviation battleship Ise.


  1. Enterprise as commander?

  2. CV commander seems appropriate. Maybe it should’ve been Shoukaku though.

  3. This ship is a monster.

    • imagine division of 3… triple crossdrops time
      battle of Kuantan simulator

    • @ewok40k i’ve seen already a video with exactly this division… it is DEVASTATING… 3 Ises can now take down an enemy BB in one run…

      Just think about it… 3 Ises means 24 Torps… if 2 or 3 Ises first take a shot on you, then launch the combined planes… that means game over for you…

  4. Oh damn, I’m early! Ise is certainly interesting, damn overpowered as it is.
    While I’m here, I’m debating between Shikishima and Bourgogne. I don’t really mind for sheer performance, I prefer just a pure fun factor (Massachusetts, for example, is still my favorite ship in the game.)

    Which would you recommend? Along with that, is getting the Marceau a good choice for coal?

    • If you have Yamato and a captain for her then I’d recommend Bourgogne. Shikishima is just extremely similar to Yamato in how she plays, whereas Bourgogne is different from other T10 BBs.

  5. World of Warships Blitz had the Ise for about two years. From what is know it has dive bombers and no secondaries.

  6. Sinboto Simmons

    Just got this ship but haven’t played it just yet, want to try it with my buddies. So it’s nice to see her in action. I even learned something with the whole shift x thing.

  7. can you tell us some more about not being able to shoot to the rear?

  8. Wait, why the ship not healing back after he got second wind with Yamamoto?

    • LOL WG really releasing Premiums with bugs now (cough Flandre cough)

    • Tahir ibn Mohammad

      the maximum heal is 48% of the ships total hp. But it only heals back healable hp

    • @Yichen Wu – I got a Kraken in Musashi last week, and the heal wasn’t noticeable either. If it’s a bug, it’s hardly new. The 16 second reload however was very noticeable.

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      @Tahir ibn Mohammad that looks like the case. you can see the repair party graphic effect even after the Ise has stopped healing, meaning the second wind kept going

    • @Aerroon Psst they know this ship is broken so they have to put some bug to Yamamoto for “balans” reason… lol

  9. North Carolinian Mapping

    So tip for torpedo DDs: torp white line when and Ise launches his plane because he is probably not using autopilot

    • Yes, but there’s a good chance your torps will take a while to arrive. Not to mention that the Ise would have an idea that you were there.

  10. Conte di Cavour: Pronounce the ‘ou’ as you would say ‘rain is pouring’ and shake your right hand like you would fist a pasta package.

  11. So: A decent BB with unlimited range, self spotting, flying torpedoes that can attack from any angle. Balanced.

    • And less damage output compared to other T6 BBs.

    • @Aerroon How can you say it has less damage output? it has the ability to torp any ship anywhere on the map and immediately follow that up with a full gun salvo from a distance of relative safety while most other ships at the same tier dont have the range to return fire.

  12. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    nice carry, aerroon!!! all those rewardless achievements, ggwp!

  13. Just what the game needs, even more sky cancer…

  14. If you don’t launch that plane you could achieve “dreadnought” and get some extra signal fla…. well never mind.

  15. Purple Speckled Apple Eater

    I went for a HE build and was pleasantly surprised she has more guns to kite with.

  16. Destroyers aren’t known to set fires *Haragumo players walk away*

  17. I enjoyed this video so fuckin much that I bought this ship 😀

  18. I just got the Ise yesterday, I played like 10 battles with it and she is now my new favorite ship to play.

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