World of warships – AXIS vs ALLIES match 1 season 1

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After the initial idea was tested, I decided to make a little tournament out of it and I had so much fun playing and commenting.


  1. *when you bring out more historically correct game modes than Wargaming does*
    keep it going, love the series so far

    • aBananaBread no radar for Axis ships so far, no smoky cruisers, so you can forget for them being on the top

    • true but flambass tries to balance out radars/smokes as much as possible I believe. at least he’s better at matchmaking as the automated matchmaker from WoWs 😛

    • AKUJIVALDO A valid point. but only if you let them play to their strengths…
      Radars are great for the mid range engagements that RN/USN CLs excel at ,
      but in short range Axis sonars make up for it in assured detection that lasts almost as long as that smoke.
      While at long ranges axis cruisers dont ‘need’ smoke (like the RN/USN low velocity 6inch guns.)
      when they can reliably kite with HE and/or punish broadsides with AP from 15km and up. (especially w/spotting aircraft)

      Last but not least, they do get torps.
      Not only do they get torps, they get better torps
      (either in launch angles and RoF or range or stealth)
      and they get them Everywhere. even in BB’s.

      But we could rock>paper>scissors>lizard>spock>rock all day …

      In the end though its coordinated teamwork that finds a way to force the enemy to play to your strengths that wins the day.

    • Perhaps they will be allowed if they take the Asashio Oath
      “I solemly swear on my winrate that i shall reserve my balancing of BBs for corner camping BBs that would like to play the game using as few repair parties as possible.”

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Well even though Radar superseded optics,

      Japanese and German Optics were the best in the world. Germany rivalled Britain, but Japan was on a whole other league when it came to optics.

      Countries with best Radar
      1. Britain
      2. US
      3. Germany

      Countries with best Optics
      1. Japan
      2. Britain tied with Germany
      3. US and France.

  2. MajesticDemonLord

    No Royal Navy?
    Angry Comment Written

  3. I want this to be an actual game mode :/

  4. A fabulous idea. I know all games (won’t say how many) are on Twitch but the whole Sunday Funday thing is a great initiative. Shame I’m on SEA server but watching you guys over there play is next best.

    • You can always get EU client and grind few lower tier ships to join Sunday Funday 😉

    • Flambass What do you guys do on Sunday Funday and what time? I’m interested :3

    • We do all sort of stuff, right now AXIS vs ALLIES, around 3pm CET join the stream so you don’t miss the start 😉

    • Flambass 3pm CET? Thats about 4pm for me
      Which is great! I’ll make sure I don’t forget (a real possibility) and getting some weird fun ship (Tier 2 Longjiang is hilarious, 8.4km torps and 5.2km surface detection range).
      EDIT: well, I’m stupid, 3pm CET is 2pm for me… Still fine XD

  5. And great to see how much your streaming channel and subs are growing. Well deserved.

  6. 2.34 Well, when it was Axis against Allies 2nd fight, Allies had absolute superiority with 2 Radar ships and 2 Heal DDs, of course Flam was playing as Allied. Now it is about fair mix of ships, so Flam is playing as Ax. LOL

  7. this is such a cool concept, really enjoying this.


  9. Please upload all the videos for this series on YouTube, thank you 🙂

  10. The music around 4:42 sounds familiar, but I cannot remember what it is.

  11. Next time please follow the script. Axis is supposed to win 1st round and then get totally demolished in the next two…

  12. one of the best Funday Sundays so far. So much fun and good sportsmaship from all which was really refreshing 🙂
    Side note, Frenchie Captain is now sporting Last Stand. The rudder was taken out so many times. I was stuck in a full port turn for so long in that round it wasn’t funny. I wanted to pressure you out of B but didn’t want to get stuck there doing donuts :p

    …oh god, will you be putting up round 3 too? [EDITED OUT DUE TO SPOILER] right at the start of

  13. Could you try to put the “best players” on the allies side? I could be interesting to see the power difference..

  14. Nope, will not work unless you ban radar, it gives too big advantage.

  15. 17:31 Flambass, can you speak German?

  16. Flambass! how you know this players from other countries? you have mod for country flangs? if you have send me on my msg.

  17. really loved taking part in these the last 2 sundays. Thanks for doing them mate. it’s really nice to play in matches where people play together well and not be toxic to each other.

  18. I don’t have any tier 8 *cries at tier 5*

  19. IGN? Didn’t know they were part of the axis. On second thought, it’s IGN, that makes sense.

  20. no cvs? no way

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