World of warships – AXIS vs ALLIES match 2 season 1

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Here is the BEST match of the series, definitely most intense.


  1. xOooOooOooOooOooOx

    Love the vids flambass, much love

  2. Valkyrie Magistelle

    this needs to be a legit game mode

    • AXIS vs ALLIES
      is form me not the charm of this battle.
      It’s TEAM vs TEAM. Working together / against each other.
      I like this more than Clanbattles. The uncertainty of the individual strength of the players gives it an extra flavor. Till the End there was tension in the game and 1 or 2 lucky / skillful hits could have swung the battel around.
      An ADMIRAL for both sides would be great. Like flambass after he died. Calling plays (strategy) – reacting to the developing situation and maximizing the potential of the surviving ships.
      And suddenly i am dreaming of team wide radio and a 20 minutes delayed stream. (nah – will never happen – still a nice dream)

  3. great games, really fun to watch 🙂

  4. i would want to play but, A. my computer could turn off at any minute, B. my highest tier is a Tier 6 non premium, and i have a Tier 7 Premium………. ;3;

  5. Now this is how a random match outta be! Everyone playing as a team to win the objective. Please keep doing these matches flambass ??

  6. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Damn it Flambass, i was on the edge of my seat.. And my Wife was beating me in my back saying go go go.. Cant wait for game three….?

  7. Hahaha the fact that I didn’t put Jingles in this match shows how much I’m actually paying attention to names when picking xD

  8. each game it’s getting more interesting 🙂 GG

  9. Whoa this thing can turn to be better than ANY gamemode WG has to offer!

  10. Is the cat painted bote captained by a cat?

  11. Awesome matches Flambass and all who played . watching 24 strangers play Together as a Team is sooo sooo AWESOME 🙂 Well Played all of you 🙂

  12. Orla and beard flank was clutcb af, really loving this series keep it coming xD

  13. The reason this is so good is not because of the team compositions (axis vs allies) but because it’s 24 people who are actually willing to try to communicate and work together. This just doesn’t happen in randoms!

  14. But… Where are carriers ?

  15. This is more fun!! CB and RB are boring !

  16. Just wish I’d put Viva la Frenchie Camo on my Atago now and gone in with that…no one would’ve noticed. Even if they did, French camo makes it “Captured” French Ship :p

  17. Man I wish I wasn’t working during your streams, I’d like to get in on these… looks like a lot of fun

  18. Well played Axis team!! Wow well played match. 😉

  19. Does the training room actual use (cost) premium consumables or flags? Can you use them?

  20. When that Aki got torped in B I thought “Best random team I ever had: Team Training Edition”…

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