World of warships – AXIS vs ALLIES match 3 season 1

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I gotta say the match went totally unexpected from minute 1 basically.


  1. Do a carrier battle or re-enact the Battle Of Jutland. That would be awesome

    • hunt for bismrack would be awesome…harder to manage but definitely worth a try

    • oh my thats a lot of tier 1 through 5 on an Ocean map

      Also your missing a proper RN Battle Cruiser and KM Panzershief line .

      And lets be honest the game’s shell penetration values are FAR too high.

      Britain wins by litteraly “crossing the T” of a section of German Ships of the Line in real life.

      In WoWs speak that translates into the entire British BB group literally turns tp port and lined up to show everyone’s broadside to a collection of bow tanking german bbs.

    • yes it would be hard! maybe add the prince Eugen in and make the ships lower tiers. something like tier 5 or 6

  2. 1 and 2 are certainly more exciting then this match. Was cool though.

  3. What time do you usually do a stream? (;

  4. funny thing

    the italians are always mocked becourse of switching sides in ww2
    why are the french not in that same coulom ?
    half of that country was realy helpfull to the germans in about 3,5 years out of the 5,5 war years

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      erik je well i can tell you this, the Italians were with the Germans as original allies.. And Mussolini was an IDIOT, that couldn’t even get things right.. He was beat at every corner and Hitler had to bail him out at every fight.. France was defeated by Germany and had no choice in there fate.. Except for the government making the decision to allied with Germany for their survival.. And believe me they took a big hit for that decision, and it was because of Charles de Gaulle and the free French that got them back on the allies side.. And it was not easy, it took a lot of trust and work for that to happen.. But ones it did, France was a big contributor to the war effort.. But Italy even after they got rid of Mussolini, they still tried to hedge their bet and play the end to the middle.. By coming over to the allies but still tried to stay in favor with Hitler.. That’s why they never inter the war in combat with the allies, they couldn’t be trusted.. So that my friend is the answer to your question.. Hope i helped you…..??????

  5. These were great. Can’t wait to see more of these. 🙂

  6. this would be fun at lower tiers to 😉

  7. You are one heck of a team captain, Flambass. Job well done to you and, as you said, all the players. Makes me wish I was on the NA server.

  8. Great watch the second was amazing edge of seat stuff. Great

  9. 13:34 flambass is just happy because this means people are learning from his videos : )

  10. Here’s an idea Flambass…i think you might be on to something here. how about doing a series of these games, they don’t always have to be Axis v’s Allies but these vids just go to show how, with a gentle little shove, how you should be playing the maps. you could see the way players on both sides improved as the matches went on…ok, third match went south but you see what i mean?

    it would be cool and very handy for us lesser players to see how the big boys play the maps, it’s ok watching the big clan battles but they’re mostly ubercons, its nice to see ordinary players getting instructions in how to do things properly.

    just my tuppence worth bud 🙂

  11. yeah… 3:12 well, that I was aiming for the little notch in the island at E7 so I could be in a better position to pressure B but our C Benson decided not to go into B and instead went round the out side on the 9 line and your team pushed in further than they did the first 2 rounds so I got caught with the hand in the cookie jar xD My fuck up at end of the day but by gods RNGesus bitch slapped me hard for

    I had Shadowplay running and watched the video back. It’s 1 salvo from Roma but I think he fired a turret a little after the rest so 1 stray shell came in after I’d been chunked below 75% that did me

    • Hows the Det Flags Reload lol .. was spectacular though …. bang ,,BOOM 🙂

    • Bad luck 😉

    • Greese Monkey I have a little confession there…I was still having issues with the client stripping my ships of flags and consumables even with auto resupply enabled. In the excitement of getting into the training room I may have forgotten to double check and not only were there no flags on the ship all consumables were stock. After you join the room you can’t fix that and I didn’t want to lose my slot to fix it so no flags. Also being a training room I didn’t even get my 10 Det flag reward for big boom boom…sad times 🙁

      Still lots of fun though. Funday Sundays always a good laugh 🙂

  12. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Thx Flambass, that was fun.. Look foward to it next time, even though what ever team you’re on most likely will win.. You seem to know how to motivate people to play for u, and as a team…. Love it….?

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  13. Next time out if we could get Izo or someone to join you for a colab the other streamer could take the other team? I don’t think the lack of voice comms on our side made huge difference in first 2 rounds but we fell apart in this one for sure. Also evens up the “stream snipe” disadvantage. Personally I muted you as soon as we started. No fun if I can hear blow by blow what you lot were doing

  14. Well played.

  15. Looked like fun again. Next time play the lower tiers as well, like early war years before radar.

  16. Excellent match, great content!

  17. Branden Lausterer

    Flambass, better game mode and mm than entire wargaming mm. They should hire u

  18. Have to question the tactics of doing the same thing 3 times in a row plan wise ?

  19. YaY go team Axis!, GG all round, thnxs for the 3 rounds all 🙂

  20. Anybody know the song that starts around 4:30 and ends around 8:00? I googled some of the lyrics and found no match. Singer sounds a lot like Adam Gontier. It’s gunna bother me if I can’t confirm if it is or isn’t.

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