World of Warships – ¡Ay, Caramba!

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Well, I’m English, so culturally insensitive titles playing into national stereotypes are what I’m all about. Sorry, Spain!

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  1. Jingles! Why are you asking the Spanish? The ship is Brazilian, ask the Portuguese.😂

  2. Flambass comes up with good names?

    But jingles… he’s mad enough to let his twitch chat choose them! 😁

  3. SchroedingersCat2.0

    You’re actually pronouncing it quite well, from a Spaniard. You even tried to roll your r’s!

    • Is the v not pronounced as a b and the z like a soft f? I studied Spanish in school and remember those letters having different sounds to the English counterparts

    • @AlexADTR the v is a v and the b a b
      And the zis with the tonge out and the f with it in

  4. These ship names are getting Jingles to the point that he’s going to have to name them “Dave the Ship”

  5. Hah, that was a pleasant surprise this fine morning 😃
    It was a fun and challenging match, thanks for featuring it Jingles.
    By the end of the match we were screaming and laughing our asses off by doing stupid shit and trying to win harder but it worked 😆

  6. that wasn’t the Annapolis’ Radar, it was the Stalingrad’s, Annapolis was 11.7 km away its only got a 10 km radar.

  7. 08:15 Looking at that kill-feed, I would say the Patrie did not, in fact, use his damage control? O.o

  8. Jingles: “It’s great being english, you should try it.”
    Former british colonies: “( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)”

    • @Scott McCloud Nailed it. Every place the English touched is both wealthier and more free because of it. Much like the British Isles themselves were enriched by the presence of the Romans. Conquest might be evil, but it has some really inconvenient upsides.

    • @Scott McCloud America would say otherwise.

    • @Scott McCloud Actually, Britian is damned lucky the Americans have been allied with them for Generations. Otherwise, they’d probably still have a German ruling family but German would be their official language. If not Russian.

    • @Ming S : Also the EU reaction to Brexit.

  9. “If something’s hard to do, then we just make up our own version.” — Tell me about it. We’re still in the process of reverting our city and town names back to the original… and it’s been 75 years.

    Seriously, was Thiruvanandapuram really that hard to pronounce?!?

    • “…we just make up your own version”… that’s what my cat does with words, being incapable of making human ones. 🤪

  10. Jingles don’t screw it up for us travelling Canadians. We don’t want everyone lying about being a Canadian when they are not.

  11. In fact, and I’m sorry to be a spoiler, if it was a Portuguese or Brazilian destroyer, the name could be exactly the same. The “de” is also very common in Portuguese.

  12. Hey jingles, have you ever considered doing two versions of each Wo(T/W) video? One as normal, providing commentary. But another (say uploaded to a second channel?) where you give a live commentary/reaction of your first viewing of the replay?

  13. Jingles! At 12:30 when you mention the Annapolis Radaring, well it was not the Annapolis radaring, it was the Stalingrad at the other side of the island. I am quite sure Annapolis has the typical US Radar with 10km range.

  14. The upload I needed to salvage a bad day got half of a root canal done and I am in misery at least I’ve got something great to watch to pass the time thanks Jingles

  15. I have never said “¡Ay Caramba!” in my life, except to piss off my mexican friends.But keeping in mind the capitan voice for the ship has south american accent, that just makes sense 😀
    Still love you Jingles. You pronounced very well the name the second time, very well indeed.

  16. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    The “Brazilian Tier 10 Destroyer” is a waxing procedure you definitely don’t want to get.

  17. Anyone notice those crazy timed shots at 1:10 that nearly nailed him right at the start?

    • yup, kinda of an odd shot considering he wasnt spotted once at that point. I mean sure, there are certain routes for dds to normally go in,and it could have been just one of these “pro” lets-see-where-i-get-spotted-probing-shots (probably by that SILK Patrie.Very, very try hard clan) , but to be that accurate? Could be just a freak coincidence, but There ARE rumours about some map-hack kinda mod going around for a while now and people (and we re talking unicon and super unicon players here) telling really weird stories of getting hit in very similar siutations without being spotted once at that point (even or specially in CB)

  18. 7:55
    Actually Jingles, the enemy Patrie captain did not used his Damage Control Party to control the flood which resulted in the Patrie sinking from Flambass’s flooding earlier.

  19. “canadas a very lovable place” as a canadian I love the sentiment, just don’t look too closely at our history and you’ll agree lmao

  20. Always a pleasure to watch a pro at work.

    Thanks to both Jingles and Flambass.

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