World of Warships – Azuma: Caveat Emptor

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As they say in ancient Rome, let the buyer beware! Azuma is finally available and while she’s fast and has great guns, she also comes with some drawbacks. So, in the interest of ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase, let’s examine that armour…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Ah yes, the Azuma. The forgotten red-headed step child of the supercruisers.


  3. If it helps Discord/user settings/Notifications/PTT Activate and Deactivate >Off = no PTT noise 😀

  4. There are no flags that are going to improve how thick your armor is. I died.

  5. I bet jingles gives rita a paddling like that on a regular basis lmao

  6. actually jingles Amagi is a battlecruiser

    • Abanax The Destroyer

      3rd biggest battlecruiser guns, don’t forget HMS Hood

      Maybe lower, isn’t Kongo a battlecruiser too?

    • +Abanax The Destroyer Kongo was a battlecruiser but was converted into a fast battleship in 1935-1937. Her stern was lenghtened, she got new boilers and gear turbines and her armor was also greatly increased prettymuch all around the ship.

    • +zameliz Even after the refit tho she maintained her 8inch belt armor which is in the same ballpark as the Renown class battlecruisers. Fuso and Ise both have 12 inches of belt armor, and they are contemporary era ships. Kongo’s armor scheme was improved, but it still wasn’t on full battleship level.

      Iowa is a fast battleship, it’s not only fast but also has real battleship armor protection. Even after the refit, though officially re-classified, the Kongo class wasn’t comparable to even old designs such as the Nassau or South Carolina’s.

      In my opinon the reclassification was sooner a morale boosting effort as a true designation of their new capabilities.

    • +Marvin Westmaas Actually Kongo’s belt armor was improved to uniform 8 incehs, as while she was still a battlecruiser the thickness of her belt armor varied from 6 to 8 inches.
      But what you said is true as her belt armor is rather thin in battleship stantards. However she was officially reclassified as a fast battleship after the refit so calling her as such is not wrong either.
      Kongo is bit of an oddball as she is not really a battlecruiser after the refit but not really a battleship either as far as her armor goes, she kinda falls in between the two.

    • +Marvin Westmaas Completely take your point regarding Kongo. However Iowas armour was actually rather deficient by conventional battleship standards in that she wasn’t armoured against her own guns. In fact the US publicly published prewar figures for her armour lied and said it was thicker than it actually was. In the event she never met the Yamato (I’ll park that one) or indeed any other battleship and battleship production stopped so it was never an issue. Her armour would have been absolutely fine against anything else and being thiner enabled her to sail faster/more efficiently which was a great advantage in that it enabled her to keep up with the carriers and provide AA and gunfire support whilst not burning too much (relatively!) oil – which was at a premium early in the pacific war (and was one factor in what kept Yamato in port). The Montanas were armoured against their own guns but were therefore larger and slower (and would have burned more fuel).

  7. 5 seconds into video and he calls it a Battleship…..oh this is gonna be good.

  8. That Rita is a good sport, you got yourself a good one there Mr. Jingles

  9. Thanks for the porn Jingles. “Aw, give me some of that broadside.” sheesh. Came to watch the Azuma, not you pumping your “AP” into Rita the whole game.

  10. Armor sir? On a Japanese Battle-cruiser? I think you have forgotten their priorities!

  11. Rita’s gun sounds don’t really help the Azuma’s case trying to be a tough ship, very kawaii though

  12. this episode features Jingles broadcasting from insied a can .. 😀

  13. 25 mm of armour? I think there are FERRY BOATS with better protection than that.

  14. Kitten video please!!
    Also thanks for the fun Jingles!!

  15. This is more like bully Rita than an Azuma review.

    • Jingles, did you have to go out of your way to demean Rita more by adding in text what she doesn’t understand? 1) We could tell, you didn’t need to explain it, 2) you seem to enjoy lording it over her that she’s not an WOWS expert. That’s a glass house you’re living in.

    • While I fully understand the somewhat sarcastic comradery between these two, I have to say that if Jingles was American he would be crucified for “mansplaining”. Yes, it’s ridiculous because if Rita had a problem with it she wouldn’t hesitate to tell him to back off, but such is the state of America lately.

  16. “I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t get it…”

    *Proceeds to demonstrate a Teir V destroyer sinking it*

    • he should try to have a warspite vs azuma fight…ideally AP only 😛

    • +Elf Loved depends on how you play it, if you’re close enough for the Warspite to shoot effectively and relying on armour you you’re doing it wrong. Azuma should burn down the Warspite from range – which it would be able to do easily.

  17. “Gimme some of that broadside “, lol…..kinky at the keyboard jingles ?

  18. Semi-serious review video turned into “Rita making us giggle uncontrollably video.”

  19. The lines sound a bit off indeed:
    Jingles: oh this is going to hurt
    Rita: no, please, have mercy

  20. “Skirt”

  21. Filthy Scrublord

    its a 30 min video of jingles pounding rita with his guns dude

  22. Her skirt VS his kilt… I wonder what would win ??

    And yes, i KNOW we’re talking cannon fight there.

  23. “Thats a paddlin!”

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