World of Warships: Azuma Preview [WIP]

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Preview of the battlecruiser Azuma. She’s still a work in progress and subject to change.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese cruiser Azuma.


  1. Frist! First! Frost!

  2. Ey! One premium supercruiser that DOESN’T have radar!!!
    That’s an improvement, WG.
    Keep it going.

    Tbh, I’d be fine with the ship if it had fewer health points or if its citadel was more vulnerable or if it had Henri armor or if it burned like a BB meaning (60secs by default and 4 fire sections).

    So my point is that it’s a bit too forgiving and has decent stealth, so I believe that the survivability isn’t really justified.
    It’s still so much better for the game than a retarded Stalingrad.
    Nice vid!

  3. Btw, if you care:
    Bourgogne is pronounced Boor-gon-je

  4. You shouldn’t really compare Azuma with Zao in terms of DPM.
    I mean you can, but I don’t think it’s really meaningful for an actual ingame situation.
    Azuma obviously has better HE penetration, so it’s naturally gonna get more pens on most BBs and on many cruisers than a Zao usually gets, so I’d say the Azuma is still excellent at HE spamming(especially with the great fire chance).
    I’m certain you’re aware of that tho

  5. Sometimes all you need to make a good premium ship is some good old style “great stats, and no gimmicks”. I kinda miss the time when we only had two main nations and no gimmick boats.

  6. Due to lighter shells, i.e. higher shell drag and 100m/s less velocity than Stalingrad, Azumas AP can only citadel BBs that give near perfect broadside from somewhere less than 7km.

    • she can cit BBs at 11km, and 7km against yamasushi.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      You can’t really compare
      Stalingrad Guns to Alaska or Azuma.
      Stalingrad Guns slightly beat the penetration power of Colorado 406mm guns at all ranges (solely due to that blazing 950m/s velocity, decent 467kg shell weight for 12inch guns and glorious airdrag values.).

      Stalingrad 305mm 61cal 467kg, 950m/s, CD = 0.283
      Azuma 310mm 50cal 449kg, 836m/s, CD = 0.244
      Alaska 305mm 50cal 517kg, 762m/s, CD = 0.334

      So Azuma has actually better airdrag values than both Alaska and Stalingrad, generally higher shell mass = better airdrag values – so it was expected for Alaska to have the better airdrag – and not the other way around.
      Perhaps better shape coefficient on the actual AP shells, which i can’t find the numbers for, is the reason rather than the shell weight as the cause of this?

      “shape coefficient” ive only heard of this term “once” in this vid
      i’ve never seen such numbers for it in game, but it must be the actual shape of the shell that is a second factor determining air drag values.

      Azuma compared to Alaska in terms of pen.
      Azuma beats Alaska in pen within 2km ranges by like a mere 10mm difference – since Azuma has the faster shell velocity.
      Past such ranges – Alaska will beat Azuma pen as she has super heavy shells (the heaviest of 12inch shells in the game).

      At 10km, Alaska has around 440mm pen and Azuma at 420mm pen – however both are capable of penetrating T10 Battleships that are full broadside at such ranges.

      And on average engagement ranges – Alaska will have around 20-30mm more pen than Azuma, but Azuma shells arrive first.

  7. Any guesses on how this ship will be available? Must be due a new ‘coal’ T10….Salem has been around for a while now!

  8. Best narrator in the game.

  9. Stupid wasd hacks

  10. Bah! Just give me Alaska.

  11. How is Her AA ??
    Soon the 0.8.0 is here !!
    The AA of every ships in the game is more importent than Ever befor..when 3 cv Will fokus you down ..

  12. What aiming reticle do you use? The green line is nice.

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