World of Warships – Azuma Review – Just Nope

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25mm armour everywhere means she’s F R A G I L E af…also her supposedly great guns are at times…just meh


  1. Japan is suffering! A sushi launcher made of origami that’s just a punching bag!

  2. “If any Battleships look at you the wrong way..” Oh my how lewd

  3. I wonder how many new players will buy this without doing any research? A lot of people are going to be disappointed

    • Chatted with one guy who got her……..he is very sad he had nothing but losses so far.

    • well I was saving for her and Flambass said that WG had re balanced her and had changed her armour . . . but after watching Jingles paddle the life out of Rita in her’s with a tier 5 DD . . and now Chase’s review . . . er . Nope … I’ll properly use a bit for my next CV . . .


    • +mark houghton i mean, why should i play a ship that doesn’t offer challenge but only suffering.

  4. I know it’s not Japanese, but just play Saint Louis instead. It has nearly identical HE dps, better armor, and comes with speed boost, reload booster, and torpedoes.

    • buy prem camo and bam! freemium shiiippp

    • Re-Class Battleship

      +Edo Setyo Don’t need to buy one, either. Fly! Strike! Win! gives you a premium camo for Saint Louis for free when you finish the fourth directive.

    • That’s for sure, IJN vs USN, IJN is always punished in one or another way. Only worth play the line if u like IJN… like me. They don’t excel in anything. IJN line is the Germany line version of WOT.

    • +Nicolas Fidalgo There are plenty of good German tanks. The most OP tank (WFT) ever that was removed from the game because it broke the game was a German tank. German tanks have the best accuracy in the game. The only bad thing about German tanks is their turret.

    • +VuHien2011 I’m not saying they are bad, but WG nerfed the german tanks big time, and about the accuracy… yeah right.. I’ve seen US HT hitting the 2 inches part of my roof that I was showing from my E-25 while I was hiding in a crater. And I have tons of examples like that, that was one of the reason why I left the game. And I don’t wanna even start to talk about both tigers…

  5. 22emporerpenguin

    Wow. First time i’ve ever heard someone prefer the Ibuki over … almost any other ship. 😀

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      I like Ibuki. I like shooting at them in my battleships and Alaska, and I like when they explode from under whoever thought it was a good idea to take it into a battle

    • ibuki is quite nimble with double rudder shift build. she has torpedo too. while this garbage turns like a truck. add hits garbage armor and you will got lots of damage.

    • I actually enjoyed my time in the ibuki, i don’t get why so many people hate her.

      the zao is just better though, in almost every regard

    • +Tommy Johansen Me too, in the Ibuki at the moment, haven’t got all her modules grinded out yet either but still feels basically like an atago (more or less).

    • 22emporerpenguin

      +Tommy Johansen I know. You just hear her getting a lot of hate all the time, so hearing somebody saying they would rather play her than another ship is really just new to me. That’s what i meant earlier. I hear she has become quite good after the recent IJN cruiser buffs though 🙂

  6. You summed it up very good, I have her too and agree Azuma is no real fun, she is frustating even if you did well it does not feel satisfying, clearly a do not “buy”

    • Totally agree… You take a ton of dmg from he and cit with ap… Last battle a gneisenau hit me with 6 random hits in the whole game and did 40k dmg with a few cit on bow and stern… The huge cit is so frustrating… Even if you angle some hits still cit you… And about AP… Just sucks, it bounces a lot and when pen… It overpens. I just shoot stalingrad full broadside… Only a few full pens and a LOT of ricochets… Accuracy is based on RNG too much. About HE is decent but low RoF and not always do dmg even if full pen… Design to counter Alaska class?? For sure, is just worst in almost everything ?

  7. thanks god WeGe can’t take your Community Contributor licence anymore :v

  8. Nicolas Hermosillo

    Just give her 3.0 sigma, 35% he fire chance and 10 km concealment

  9. Literally just got done watching Jingles paddle the crap out of Rita’s Azuma to demonstrate the same point. 🙂

  10. it should be a good ship if you’re farming detonation flags.

    its proof that russians are still miffed by the battle of tsushima.

  11. Looking forward to your review of a real American Battlecruiser.
    USS Georgia.
    Too bad in her current test phase her 1,740 kg Super Heavy AP shells don’t feel like 1,740 kg Super Heavy APs.
    Seen way too many bounces on cruisers.

  12. on the irony…. azuma(吾妻), in Japanese kanji as well as chinese can be literally mean “My wife”, and Traditional japanese family culture if what i read was accurate and not exaggerated , the ladies were never meant to leave the houses without their husband and are mainly caring the house. so by all means azuma are a 200% a port maiden imo

  13. i love shooting this ship. no matter what part you hit, you always get rewarded with penetration damage.

    im glad i brought alaska than this piece of garbage.

  14. I think this ship is just an April fools gimmick?? ? I hope so…

  15. If I remember they nerfed Azuma just 3 weeks before her release..before nerf, she has pretty consistent dispersion control on every salvo, more than 30% fire chance, and its raw HE damage are really godlike..But they nerfed it for additional of 1 repair party consumable…Hearing this, I was like WTF!?

  16. I really feel bad for people that didn’t get the Missouri, and/or Musashi, when they were available.
    And have to put up with stuff like this.

  17. Yesterday I was in CO-OP and there was a clan in a 3 Azuma division. The first 4 ships killed in the match was our 3 Azuma and one on the red team. When bots kill them off you know it not a ship for me…..

  18. Someone should should definitely be fired for this shit. It’s a Super Ibuki and that be being nice

  19. one of my first games with this thing, i ate a 33k salvo from a repu 23km away through the front while i was dodging kurfürst shells … that was fun

  20. Is it me or IJN “versions” of free premiums are always a crappier ship; missouri good, musashi mheh; alaska good, azuma mheh… and I can’t remember previously to those, but sure there was a crappier IJN version of a “free” premium.

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