World of Warships Azur Lane Crates

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Azur Lane premium crates are here for all you glorious Weebs out there.


  1. First I’m not an weeb but those captains I need

  2. locomotiveAlex1996

    i love how the crates are Cell-Shaded XD

  3. Well, at least Ill be able to get one of the Foxes in WoWs rather than the Salt Mines of 3-4

  4. IT STARTS ON 1ST MAY AND YOU NEED TO CLICK THE LINK ON WEBSITE for all pepole wondering where is azur lane stuff.

  5. When will the crates be on the EU server? Thank you

  6. jakub paszczyński

    Kaga and Akagi are big “meme” only dropable waifus on map 3-4 where u burn ur oil faster than America bring democracy to another countries

  7. Look at it this way, multiple captain builds for some premium ships…or multiple captain builds for regular ships…

  8. “If you dont have a kaga you will need to get one”… they are just regular captains with different voice lines, you can put them on ships other then their namesakes

  9. please tell me we can buy them directly… I dont want to buy lootboxes for the captains :/

    • According from promotion monthly part 5
      Start at 1st May on your timezone that selling time on premium shop
      Mine between 1pm or 6pm UTC+7

  10. if you turn it off in option they are just normal captains

  11. Nice. But with the amount of special stuff in those crates, expect them to be quite expensive. I’d say 5 EUR, probably 10-20 if there is a guaranteed captain in it. I mean: remember how expensive previous crates were when they had only a few dragon flags or some crappy camos included.

  12. Getting these captains are nice for the voice-over modifications. But getting double captain, that is somewhat a waste of money, time, and effort since you want to focus on one captain to grind up to 19 point ASAP. And if you want a really good voice mods, I would prefer *_Atago, Yukikaze_* , and *_Prinze Eugen_* .

  13. Weeb stuff is ok. Except for the horrible music.

  14. Nice vid NoZoup, seems like a reliable way to get 10 point captains with anime voiceovers.

  15. Don’t the capt. change to default countries if you choose not to show Azure lane in port options?

  16. I’m gonna say Mont peu lié regardless cuz i’m french and ya ain’t gonna tell me how to pronounce the names of our cities

    Jk ofc

  17. Prinz Yugen? ??

  18. Being an Azur Lane player, I thank WoWs for providing us with ships like Monarch, Saint Louis, Neptune, Ibuki and just recently Azuma, Fredrich De Große, Gascogne & Kitakaze.
    Some of these ships are “meh” in WoWs but all of them are like Conqueror-levels of broken in AL.

  19. How can we purchase these.

  20. Awesome, I am honestly looking forward to this. Many thanks for the update Zoup!

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