World of warships – Back and forth pushing

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2nd match of NA AXIS vs ALLIES on the big map with tier 7.
Vulgarr did something unexpected as usual and I was rly scared of what was going to happen.
Hope you enjoy and hope to see as many of you there next time as possible.


  1. Lol push into their behinds…

  2. FertiligenSmile

    – Hold there !
    -Hold there !
    – Holdthere !
    – Hodthere !
    – Hodoor !
    – Hodor ! Hodor !

    Why u do this flambass 🙁

  3. Watching these makes me realise how little I really know about the game, especially tactics and strategy. It makes a heck of a difference when there is a leader who communicates. Haven’t had that yet in over 1000 games on Asia server. But then, I spend most of my time in Co-op because I’m hopeless in Random without some sense of what to do and when. There’s a lot of ships I’ve not played and I’m currently stuck on T7. If I hadn’t bought the Atlanta, I’d have given up on WoWS a long time ago.

    You’re always there, coordinating and encouraging, directing and motivating your team, Flambass. Makes me wish I was on the EU server. If you ever held training sessions and I could sign up, I’d be there!

  4. Excellent stuff!

  5. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG it seems like both of you were, thinking on the same line.. But you adopted well, it was good to see your forces hold after you died, because they usually disintegrate ones you go down.. They followed your commands to the letter.. Outstanding play on both teams it was fun.. Thank you Flambass…..🚢

  6. 11:27 Am I the only one hearing the weird sound ? 😀

  7. These are really fun to watch! Thanks for organizing them.

  8. What means this Axies vs Allies dudes ?

    • Well on 1 side we put all nations that are in game available that were under AXIS forces in WWII and on the other side we put everything from ALLIES forces and we see how it works

  9. Flambass always fights the last war (every general fights the previous war), Vulgar fights this war.

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