World of Warships – Back and Forth

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I had a interesting game in the which required some serious objective control to even have a chance to win. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Aigle Replay – Discord Server


  1. First!

  2. Yeeah Notser the Aigle is loong. And thicc

  3. I actually go pretty much long range in my Aigle and set fires. Just use torps when they get too close. Since you’re so far away (10-15km) they rarely hit you. I usually get 80k/90k damage games just off guns and fires. Not bad imo. I use smoke for teammates or for sitting and firing. The shell arcs over islands is AMAZING. Totally comparable to the Atlanta. Good stuff.

  4. Stinkweed needs to chill out

    • Laugh..Notser tells him “just don’t throw your life away”, less than 15 seconds later he’s dead….then guess what!! YOU guessed it, he starts blaming all of them, then calling everyone else a noob. 9.30

    • General Cartman Lee

      Typical “I go with the lemming train and blame others that they don’t get all the other caps” behaviour.

  5. I did a slightly different build/captain skills. I went with the improved rudder shift (to help with dodging torpedoes) and faster turret rotation. The captain has PM, LS, BFT, and CE. I took the BFT to mitigate the reduced RoF that the MBM 2 causes.

    I have about 80k XP until I can get EM and then I can ditch MBM 2 if I feel like it. Considering how tired I got of playing this DD to do the French campaign, I might never get EM on my Aigle capt.

    I don’t like the weak AA, but premium ships often go one way or the other with AA, and this one’s AA range is less than it’s air detection range, so a CV perma-spotting you without suffering any damage is something this ship is vulnerable to. The poor concealment makes capping rough and enemy DD’s often get the drop on me. RDF would be a great skill for Aigle captains, as much as the stupid skill took a lot of the suspense out of the game, it’s too handy to do without. AFT is no longer all that great now that invisi-firing is a thing of the past.

  6. Confused Blue Dragon

    Yo, random question coming in; do you have any tips on how to play DDs?

    There are numerous times when I end up getting confused or outright clueless on what to do after capping an area…

    • Spotting for your team is always a good idea
      Get behind a target and shoot at them, then stop if they decide to rotate the guns at you (then they might wait for you to show yourself which you won’t do so they waste time)
      Hunt enemy DDs and stop those for your team
      Send torpedoes at the enemy to slow their advance

    • also use torps for area denial and mind games at range since they won’t break your detection. As a DD, your head should be on a swivel and always be ready to jump at any opportunity. You’re fragile but agile so use your strengths. Don’t be afraid of BB’s so if you see the chance, torp them.

  7. The Aigle is a piece of ship. Pros; She is fast, has a good fire chance on her HE shells and has a sweet train horn. Cons; Thick ship eats pens from everything, turret rotations is abysmal, Shell speed is the worst of any destroyer +/-1 tier and her torps while powerful are situational at best. Verdict ship is bad, Aigle can’t do anything any other destroyer do better. Free ships is free ship.

  8. One of the things I don’t like about launchers with 3 torps. Rather than the torps spreading out evenly the torps always go 2 to one side and 1 to the other leaving a large gap between. I’ve had what happened to Notser vs the NM many times.

    • Hence one should never launch both sets at once. No matter if you have 2, 3 or 5 torps in your set. Save some in case something goes wrong.

  9. you can actually openly fire just like a khab. it is a bit more awkward cause you have to show a lot of side. and you can only do it on speed boost and with the rudder shift upgrade. and because you are more squishy than khab, you have to be more selective which ships you do it to (everything with bad sigma, bad dispersion or slow shells is fair game. anything accurate with fast shells just open the distance till they stop shooting at you).

    • i agree with you, Aigle requires skill to operate, but Notser should not discourage an arguably more effective playstyle because most people cant aim at longer distances. It’s the same with people refusing to shoot at russian DD’s at longer range; “He’s too fast, i’m never gonna hit at 16 km”, Shut ye mouth n get gud at aiming! learn by trying over and over again, and when you nail that Kebab with a BB AP salvo from 20 km away, reap your reward.

    • Yeah the incredibly slow floaty shells make engaging ships at distance challenging. Though if you pick slower targets (BBs) and dodge the return fire from the ships around them (DDs/Cruisers) you can land a lot of shells that way. Plus being on the move you can destabilize and bully their front which has to constantly adjust their stance and keep throwing torps your way just to keep you away. It’s by no means an ineffective style. If you feel that speedtanking/bullying isn’t the right thing to do in a situation, you can just not do it. But it’s great that it’s a choice if you think it would be the right thing to do.

    • To expand on that a little bit. I think the choice between the more traditional sneaky DD fighting style, and the more agressive speedtank/bully style makes Aigle flexible. It can cope with more situations. I’ve found Aigle takes very well to being uptiered, and that’s usually the case with very strong ships. Aigle is just weird cause it doesn’t appear to be very strong due to its many very awkward features.

  10. Wow, that Stinkweed player (in text) is one of those players that starts off knowing everything…and ultimately ends up getting everything wrong lol.

  11. “Hey, this is Notser”….I love it:-) another great Vid from a lousy french DD …

  12. 4:35 ….and what about your back up plan, Notser? Wait for your smoke to run out and then hope that the 3 enemy ships that have line of sight just have bad aim? You had no islands, no cover. This measured approach/risk that you take, probably should have included getting out of detection while your smoke was still up. In any case, you got away with it and played an awesome game. Great job making the enemy pay when they ran into each other!

  13. Just think baby cruiser. I use this ship for its real role and hunt DD’S.

  14. Good game to watch, and always welcome Aigle tips. 🙂

  15. JVD!!!! how you been?

  16. Aigles firing arcs are a joke

  17. lol the people that spawned with you were dip$hits. That Cleveland wasn’t worth saving either cept for the points value that he possessed. gg

  18. Your games are simply more enjoyable to watch than any other CC, except Jingles who doesn’t count. Nice commentary. Good game. Love the content.

  19. I enjoy my Aigle, just play it as a “light” cruiser instead of DD. Once I changed how I look at the ship, it started being fun

  20. how do i get this ship

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