World of Warships – Back from Saint Petersburg

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First video back from Saint Petersburg and the CC summit, dealing with the flu. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX French Alsace Replay – Discord Server


  1. Well at least your not still in Russia, and didn’t lose your passport (yuro)

  2. Hope they listened

  3. We heard about your escapades from Jingles who to the blame for you getting the Jingles effect. Regards

  4. I had a blast in ST Petersburg. Would love to go back again.

  5. Sorry you got so sick, can you address the US Cruiser split? Are we going to be happy with the T-8 Cleveland because what I’ve seen so far looked meh..

  6. Ok, here is a suggestion floating around that I think merits feedback. Changing concealment expert to camouflage expert. Instead of changing the detectability values and therefore making it an CE an absolute must have, have it make your ship camo more efficient in increasing enemy dispersion. Then they can re-balance the detection ranges of ships and free up a more or less mandatory captain skill introducing more choice and flexibility. Seems a win win to me.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Benny well… instead of 4% it could be something like 8%? Take note that more than 80% of high tier players use camo, and just like concealment, this skill would be one that EVERYONE would take. The point is there isnt much choice when it comes to tier 4 skills. If youre a battleship, there are a set of skills you MUST have, same goes for cruisers, destroyers and carriers. And guess what, Concealment is common to all those builds. That’s a problem and that needs fixing. We need more choice and it shouldnt be that one logical build is clearly superior to another logical build. Skills need changing too, but yeah, a little variety would not hurt.

    • I have taken note. I agree with your points though, and I believe the solution could be do away with CE entirely. Bake it into the game design and create more flexible and qualitative captain skills in its place. The idea is that any skill that becomes mandatory really is not a choice at all and ends up limiting overall builds.

  7. Saw you on Jingles video. Anonymity gone! Glad you got back safe and recovered from the Man Flu! Missed your content badly so back to the grind stone.?

  8. I want a stuffed torpedo!!

  9. so much for jingles leaving cc programme !! what a liar

    • and he goes to tank fest as a cc and now the st petersburg thing . is that not lying ? i thought telling untruths was lying . i must be wrong about the definition of lying !! and at no point has he released a vid saying he was going back to wg cc programme !! so his previous vids on leaving were bull

    • im fairly sure jingles did talk about being offered cc status back after he left them in one of his clips , so his vids on leaving were not bull as he did leave them , he has simply rejoined after the mess with foch and ichase was sorted ,i guess it must of been a monday vid as they are the ones i usually watch

    • David Taylor calm yourself and watch Mingles with Jingles episode 233 for at least the first 10 minutes without skipping/ignoring anything before you keep embarrassing yourself. He announced, in a sort of long winded way, that he rejoined as a World of Warships Community Contributor.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      AB Garcia, not really. Warships is the same company, but a different team with the full autonomy from Tanks in decision making.

    • Bullshit, Wargaming is Wargaming, same shitty policies for every game. Explain the new Matchmaker, new Team Damage policies, same Automated Tech Support robots.. Same shitty game company from Russia with a touch of KGB.

  10. You get the flu…Flamu loses his flu…. COINCIDENCE!!!? I THINK NOT!

  11. They won’t take away Musashi, will they? I’m almost there…

    By the way, you should’ve suggested they start selling stuffed torpedoes. I would totally by 10 at least.

  12. absolutely glad for you to get this experience. However from my side, what is the point of a “community contributor” event in witch you can not “contribute” the info to the “Community?”

    • I agree, I believe we were a feedback team to help Wargaming greenlight some ideas. The new Waterline series by Wargaming discusses some of the NDA content

    • No, you were brought to St. Petersburg, Russia to be “won over” so you will keep towing the Wargaming policy line and promoting their products and services. You are an unpaid sales representative. You drank the kool-aid …

    • Notser that is great. I cant waot for the camo. I am not a fan of clevland but I will have to play it now.
      I am not so sure about the cv changes. I like the rts styile of play. But will habe to wait and see.

    • pretty standard for any industry, my wife works in the wine industry, it’s exactly the same. Companies want to show off and hype certain ideas and get feedback from the upper echelon of any group that will be interested eventually. Smart move by WG, let these people enjoy the perks

  13. You are a lot taller than you sound.Or everybody was really short LOL!

  14. WB! I hope you end up feeling better sooner than later. We need picks for Ranked this season. 😛

  15. Doesn’t Femennenly make plush torpedo toys?

  16. Hey Notser, I have a suggestion for you to bring up with the devs if you feel it’s a good idea: what if Japanese CVs got access to deep water torpedoes for their bombers, similar to how the US CVs have access to AP bombs? I think this would align with their goal of reducing BB populations, and it would make DD mains like you happier.

    • Oh great that’s what we need more deep water torps

    • That doesn’t solve the problem of aircraft hovering over destroyers, permanently spotting the ship and all of her torpedoes. Nice try, though.

    • Alex Quantum
      Agreed. But it would solve the problem of DDs getting cross-dropped right at the start of the match (if the CV decides to use deep water torpedoes, of course)

  17. Cap'n Black Jack Honour

    If it’s an eagle themed camo, the horn should make this sound 😉

  18. Is it true that Jingles tried to *Colonize* Dasha Perova?

  19. I have a giant ‘desk’, too.
    Or as you call it: a fluffy torpedo.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Don’t worry about the NDA information. All in good time when it happens. Get well soon. My best to both of you in your recovery.

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