World of Warships – Back In Business

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There’s a lot that’s changed in World of Warships over the last four years. The last time “No_Your_Other_Left” played, there were only US and Japanese ships available. How will he fare against the new CVs, ships like the Massachusetts and everything else that’s changed since he last sailed the seven seas?

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  1. The vid is unlisted my guy!

  2. sneaky unlisted viewing. welp time to toil forever in the salt mines for my transgressions.

  3. Last time I was this late, one of my exams had already started.

  4. Ah the good ol’ Myoko, when the Imperial Japanese Navy really began to lie about their ships’ weight problems.

  5. Playing today has been a hair pulling moment! I have NEVER seen so many noobs sailing high tier ships in my 5 years of playing this game!


  6. 9:15….first Massa Cpt….”that was a predetermined outcome if i ever saw one”……answers both questions about that brawl perfectly

  7. to be fair jingles, Helena has such thin armour and such a small citadel, that sailing broadside probably extended his lifespan there

  8. 9:38
    I spit my coffee out laughing well played jingles

  9. Inquisitor Jacknife

    Picked up Fleet at Flood Tide from audible back in July, absolutely brilliant book! Admiral shenanigans abound.😁

  10. damn you Jingles, I’ve got to get on with my work and you upload new video? oh, alright, but it’s the last time you distract me! – that’s what I said each time in past 3 weeks…

  11. Last time I was this early i laughed about a last time i was this early joke.

  12. 6:32 well at least he wasn’t facing a Georgia. He’d probably wouldn’t know that America now has 18inch armed battleships that can go 40kts.

  13. As i had a pause of a few years and came back, I was soooo disappointed in the carrier rework
    They totally took the edge off them!!
    The same with the artillery rework on wot >_>

  14. This end screen reminds me of WOT recently… so many games where you get stomped within the first 5 mins and one team has no casulties and the other is gone…. yeah… FUN! (sarcasm off)

  15. Me, half-asleep, hearing:
    “This video is sponsored by Voldemort”

  16. Jingles 4 years ago wasn’t open beta, the game already is 5 years after official release.

  17. Someone that actually has the ‘paid promo’ in the corner.

  18. New player, or returning one… The basic camos were payable back then, and they are also right know, so there is no excuse why he play without camo.

  19. Thank you Jingles, it is great to be back in the game. You’re right, I had no idea that the Massachusetts was a secondary build BB and the game is a bit different from what I remember, but there are still some things that staid the same.

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