World of Warships – Back in Montana

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Montana used to be my dmg record holder for a very long time. I can do very good in her but I don’t like her very much. Those 406mm guns in tier 10 can very trolly and she’s a rather big flat BB.

On December 7th I was playing a lot of IJN & USN ships starting from tier 10 and ofc Montana was one of the 1st. Chat already knows I don’t like this ships and we were all prepared for a disaster.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I love the Montana, it is one of the greatest ships in my opinion. I use it all the time

  2. this is one of those BBs that has been sloowly powercrept over the last couple of years. which is a shame, cuz those American Piercing shells can pack a serious punch.

  3. is it me or is this an old replay? I thought regia marina is already done…

  4. or alt+x or shift+x maybe… something with an x

  5. Marco Antonio Bussolo

    Montana is sadly loosing its power over time. I dont even bother playing mine anymore. With all these freaking Smolensks, and other HE spamming smoking sailing around.

  6. Who wants to hear a story? So was just playing my Benham with a guy from my clan in a Colbert, and at the start of the game an Asashio said in chat, “first time seeing a Colbert”. To which my div mate said oh boy you’re in for a fun time. A couple min into the match I spot him, Colbert shoots and from just shy of full hp the Asashio detonates. We broke down laugh-crying at that.

  7. shift x is sector and crtl x is bearing

  8. Flambass, I love your videos man. But please, shave that hair off your chin.

  9. Funnily enough, Montana is my favourite but one of my worst for damage. My first 200k+ was in the massa after renting for a day even though I already had DM and Montana and Gk for about 3-4 months

  10. Isn’t Flambass dmg record in a Montana?

  11. Poor Montana. Decent ship but the powercreep only continues to get worse…

  12. I never figured this out (and after 3 tier Xs and more than 500 games in Des Moines I still haven’t) but does the Monty have extra pen angles like DM?

  13. It’s amazing to see that a battleship can actually shoot a radar cruiser and not focus only on other BBs, I thought it was legend

  14. Do you want a rabbit farm?

  15. Ctrl-x will lock them in a specific direction relative to the ship.
    Shift-x will lock them in a specific direction relative to the map.

  16. Montana was my first t10 ship in WoWS, this ship been ignored by WG

  17. Oh, Flambass you want a Devastating Strike? IZumo says “Nope, I still have 84hp!” LOL.

  18. I just finished grinding for the Des Moines legendary mod and it was worth every hour I put into it 🙂

  19. “And US shell speed is something I can never get used to.” – Gets citadel on first volley /shrug

  20. I know a little troll named Monty.
    I saw him right on Flambass’s stream.
    That ship is almost good, but so damn trolly,
    I don’t know how ol’ Flamby didn’t scream.

    I know a little troll named Monty,
    Which leaves its enemies on 84
    So the kill can be snatched by a Hindy,
    That dirty little kill-stealing wh***.


  21. Loving all the game play, I dont get a chance to watch stream while I work

  22. “Why is everyone running away??”

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