World of Warships – Back in the a$$kicking saddle

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I’m essentially playing WoWS once a week now and its starting to feel good again. Like I said, I don’t play much but when I do we try to make it look good 😉

Hopefully you enjoy watching it too 😉

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  1. Flambino in a baguette bote. Just like the good old times…

  2. 1 play, 1 push, 1 decisionand it changes the game…

  3. 6:45 that was fucking MLG

  4. Even the sound when you sink CV, so different and satisfying 😍😍

  5. That Monty didn’t respect your guns much did he? Think he might in the future, what a bollocking 😲 3k base in ranked is also ridiculous.

  6. Enemy team got 2 cruisers, our team got 6 BBS 😂 Stalingrad is a BB too lol

  7. After watching this I almost want to fire up WOWS and play again. Almost

  8. I had recently a ranked match with 1BB 1CA and *5!* DDs…
    I was the CA


  9. The back cit on the Shiki might have been a funnel cit as mentioned by flamu in one of his videos, the shell go through the back funnel plate ricochet on the front plate and go straight down to the cit… maybe or maybe not

  10. 2:00 if that des moines actually has radar.. ive actually seen des moines with a fighter plane, basically the most useless choice he could have done, even spotting planes are better, hold longer, and give you eagle eyes view..
    ive only seen it once, but it keeps hunting me!!

  11. Ib Erik Söderblom

    Gamemode: Show Broadside To Nearest Enemy !

  12. can he play anything else other than the burger

  13. Brilliant move on the THUNDERER!!!!

  14. Baguette with stalinium belt armor is the wai.

  15. I tried to like this game, couldnt get past the training… Maybe one day.

  16. 4:35 pretty sure that was a funnel citadel.
    Been getting a ton of those when using IJN ships :/
    Super high shots hitting funnel.. ricochet… then cit..

  17. Another poster said it first but it’s so true, put this man in an upper tier French bb and it’s magic!

  18. I think that cit was either a funnel ricochet, or possibly even a deck pen?

  19. 4:40 the CItadel on the shiki might have bin the bug where you can hit the funnle and citadele.

  20. I think that citadel on a Shiki was through the tube, Flolo told a while ago. Maybe the WG spaghetti code bugs again, anyway – gg.

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