World of Warships – Back In The Saddle

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The house move went as well as could be expected but was still a traumatising experience, best thing I can do now is get back into a working routine, so that means… World of Warships! Yes, instead of Far Cry 6. You’re welcome.

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  1. Morning Jingles! Congratulations on the move. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself after you have moved in, and simply enjoy the fact that all that space is now yours. Have fun and keep being awesome. 🙂

  2. tbh the collision with the helena was blueyedevil’s fault… he held onto full throttle for wayyyyy too long…. unless its the bug with the game…

    But an amazing game!!

    • Cameron McAllister

      The collision was his fault, but they got stuck because the Helena was trying to turn to starboard the entire time, thus dragging BED along. It only took as long as it did because of the Helena.

    • @Cameron McAllister BED would have been clear if he stopped straight away rather than trying to scrape past.

    • A bit of both. Putting Brindisi in return would’ve helped to disentangle, but so would have latting the rudder of Helena go.

    • @Cameron McAllister I’m guessing Helena wanted to bow in towards marco polo. Had BED slowed down before essentially pit maneuvering, that entanglement wouldn’t have happened.

  3. Yeah that wasn’t a good attempt to unhook from Blue. He was pushing into the Helena hooking them together. The better course if action for that is the more risky turn broadside and slide yourself off them.

    • Or step off the throttle 😛

    • Connor, the android sent by CyberLife

      &/or let off the throttle instead of keeping the throttle pinned

    • There was an attempt to unhook? All I saw was him going full throttle, then cussing and reporting the Helena for trying everything else while BED was just “I go forward, no stop lul. If I hit, it’s your fault”

  4. after moving wouldn’t you say that the term “Fort Jingles” can be upgraded to “the Grand Citadel of Jingles”?

  5. all BED had to do was throttle back but his sense of entitlement was too strong, why are you blaming the Helena????

  6. To be fair Jingles, sometimes you can’t get yourself out of a collision easily. I’ve become stuck many times and nothing seems to help. WG needs to do something about it.

  7. Not the Helena’s fault – in every collision in this replay BlueEye should of seen nearby ships on the minimap and check their loaction relative to himself, he didn’t once do that. As for the Helena incident specifically, the Brindisi is 4 knots faster than the Helena and BlueEye didn’t slow down or adjust his heading – the Helena could literally do nothing until BlueEye reduced his speed, but by the time BlueEye thought to do anything the Helena was fish-tailled and they were both screwed.

  8. The reason why they were stuck so long is because the Brindisi was full-throttle almost the entire time. In my opinion, he is entirely to blame and him complaining in chat to the Helena BEFORE throttling down was not a good handling of the situation.

    • @ainumahtar Yep the moment he didn’t fire at the DD I stopped caring if he won and him calling out the Lightning to cap when there were two enemy DD’s and cruisers around while he’s on the back line!

    • @Ushio01 Especially in a SAP cruiser, his fire is so devastating to DD >.<

    • I lost respect for BED for the Helena incident, he made no attempt to disengage…. just kept full throttle and pushing the Helena.

    • @ainumahtar @Ushio01 tbf to blue devil, the enemy DDs were using the large island in C as cover and he didn’t have a shot. The friendly Lightning lost half his HP when he decided to move past the island to engage the enemy DDs in front of the enemy Cleveland. At this time, blue devil is doing what he can shooting the Cleveland as he’s generally moving to flank C and before he can get shots on the DDs. He is able to shoot the Oster around 5:00 but he aims a little high and doesn’t follow up with another salvo as the Oster pops in and out of detection.

      We agree that blue devil as a player should work on driving his ship. We agree that the incident with the Helena was complete blue devil’s fault as he was driving into the Helena when this could’ve been avoided or at least mitigated by reducing throttle or briefly changing course. He seems to expect it to work like the Autobahn where slower people move out of the way.

      Not only does he have several close encounters with friendlies, he also nearly hit an island near B which he imo paid for by taking a citadel because of the timing of his turn. Blue devil should first check his mini map to see close encounters with friendly ships and islands. Second, when such encounters become apparent, he should turn his camera so he can path around. He only redeemed himself by the clutch blind kill on the Maerker at the very end.

    • @Ushio01 ^
      You are also right though about the Lightning at that point. He can’t contest the Maerker on that HP

  9. 15:00 the Helena turns to get away and it looks like they are clear until the Brindisi turns hard into him

    • And literally gets hit a *2nd* time as Jingles says “The Helena is making no effort to disentangle themselves”. They were already disentangled, and the Brindisi came back for seconds!

  10. Dev1: “Oh man was he getting pissed about getting stuck to that ship.”

    Dev2: “Right, it was hilarious!”

    Dev1: “So yeah, I guess we can give him that DD.”

  11. 15:30 – no blue eyed devil is NOT trying everything. he is trying to make it worse.
    a few videos back you were so keen on not shoing ‘bad behavior’ by players, who for example torpedo other teammates (even tho it doesn’t do any damage)
    but here, he is
    – not slowing down
    – not showing any situational awareness to not ram him in the first place
    – not setting his rudder to left, to get free of that situation

    but he is shifting his rudder to the right, to make it even worse.

    and then he even flames him in german – nice! what a wonderful player to have as teammate

  12. If that guy mentioned in the email that he acknowledges it was entirely his fault for hitting the Helena, I think it was just to save face. He even reported the poor fella who was maneuvering to avoid being shot at, while the brindisi player could literally see that but not maneuver himself to avoid hitting Helena. Then, he had the audacity to call out Helena for blocking him. :/

  13. 18:17 “Your report has been received” – assuming Blue has reported the Helena (and not Florida or whoever else) I doubt he really acknowledged that “entanglement” being his fault, at least not during the match.

  14. it was also his fault that he go stuck in the helena, they were free aftedr the first ramming, but he went right into him again and pushing the helena in this angle, so they got stuck

  15. Blue eye devil: Helena was blocking me like a chump!
    Also Blue eye devil when rear ending the Helena: *GAS GAS GAS GOT TO STEP ON THE GAS*

  16. “And to do that, he has to shoot, and get spotted…”

    Except… he doesn’t get spotted.

    Today’s Jingles Moment brought to you by…

  17. Prince of Hyrule

    Ok, based purely on the fact that there were numerous collisions this match, it is pretty obvious that it was not his teammates’ fault the majority of the time. Blue Eye makes zero effort the majority of the time to avoid collisions

  18. The Helena got hung up on the rear prop gaurd. He was trying to get away, that was 110% BlueEyedevils fault.

  19. There is a known entanglement bug when ships collide for too long or too fast. They stay glued to eachother no matter what you do…
    That blind fire at the end…

  20. Destroyer Inazuma

    Jingles: “the Brindisi’ reload is pretty bad”
    Zao captains: “first time?”

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