World of Warships – Back In The Saddle

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Time to start the New Year with a bang! A 510mm bang, although sadly only 6 of them. Yeah, we’re talking about Japanese battleship Shikishima.

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  1. Yay, he’s back at it again
    Holy shit that result.

  2. Good morning, everyone! The lord of the Salt Mines has at last returned to us!

  3. Glorious swamp german battle:-)! This is an example of a really good Shiki game – the guns hurt hugely when they hit – if you get lucky/close enough so they do it’s devastating but it’s situational/ you need a compliant enemy. Personally don’t think that the Shikishima’s worth the Steel – would rather have gotten one of the other ships (bougone is great probably the best or second best steel ship witth Stalingrad which I got second – and regreted not getting it first before I had it, Ragnar is similar to Smaland and a waste if you have Smaland, don’t have Plymouth or Austin but feel I should have gone for them in place of Shikishima and Ragnar. Shikishima is really annoying if you’re playing cruisers – nothing you can do except hide/dodge. Taking the mick out of chefs and barbers always seemed like a bad idea to me… Incidentlly I don’t think it would be worth letting it pass that potentially if you completed Marlborough with gold alone there’s 12000 steel up for grabs with a whale sized wallet of around 48000 gold approximately a mere 160ukp (actually less because you could have bought the starter packs). Actually think it was decent of the Kagero – gave him the win – he wouldn’t have won on points anyway – 2 caps would have put clogwalker ahead anyway so it would have been 3 mins of trying to torp him…

  4. The USN has traditional names for crew also. There are snipes, twiggits, deck apes etc. the best is for the medical corp…pecker checker lol

  5. Really great replay, but it was obvious that that Kagero was throwing on purpose, he wanted that Shiki to have his deserved solo warrior and that amazing comeback. I mean, the ingame chat even asked for it 😀

  6. What you call “I wouldn’t recommend speccing it for secondaries” I call: “Oh look, a Harugumo strapped to each broadside!”
    It is entirely possible (And a LOT of fun) to build the Shikishima (And by extension the Kii) for secondaries, but you have to know the hull in and out. The rewards for doing so are hilarious: Seeing Thunderers melt due to just secondaries is the best feeling there is.

    • it is objectively a bad build and in the current meta super situational even for a very skilled player, and even if you get to use them they are not even that good. sure you can build for it but its just using the ship in a way where you dont use its strengths

    • @das Hopsili I’d honestly go for objectively bad and fun rather than meta and irritating.
      I dunno about other people here, but I do tend to play a lot better when having fun rather than grinding my teeth while I’m grinding the whatever.

  7. “AcTuAlLY JinGlEs” the Shikishima is not just a Yamato with 3×2 510mm guns. It also swaps its 12×2 127mm secondaries for 10×2 IJN 100mm guns off Haragumo (in two different turret styles) with an improved range (11.3km with full build) as well as swapping most of its 3x25mm AA guns with twin 40mm Bofors. Making Shikishima a semi-viable brawler, despite its hull, and a not insignificant AA compliment either (it has the most Flak puffs of any Battleship).

    While it might be more “meta” to play Shikishima much like a Yamato, in general Yamato will do the sniping thing better than Shiki, especially if you invest in Yamato’s amazing Legendary Module. So you’re either left with playing Shikishima like a worse Sniper Yamato, or getting in there and using your onboard haragumos to shred enemies, which is fun if you enjoy brawling. (Plays best at the outer edge of its secondary range, compared to ze germans which want to get as close as possible.)

    The only real issue I have with my Full-secondary Shikishima is that since it needs IFHE for the secondary pen, it can’t perfectly share commanders with Mikasa.

  8. To be fair, I think the Kagero gave him the win, not so much by accident.

  9. There is more to Shiki than Yama:
    – gun sound
    – better secondaries and longer range on them
    – better AA
    – less guns, but in-built legmod of Yama and faster reload (and with Yamamoto kicking you can get to almost 15s, which is crazy!)

    and last but not least – it is a premium, so free captain circling. And while you may want to have your Yamamoto strapped on Harugumo, your only other option as a T10 BB is the Shiki 🙂

  10. 16:57 to be fair to the kagero, Clogwalker and their team where asking for the kagero to be a sport and give the solo warrior which the kagero could’ve easily just been a good sport and followed up on that request

  11. Our very own master clogwalker! Well in mate deserved this to be highlighted <3

  12. Even pilots are called drivers in many airforces, probably for the same reasons, it’s funny. It’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “I was an F-14 driver” or “I was driving my Phantom around all over [conflict zone]”

  13. This replay is the living embodiment of the “Well, that escalated quickly” meme!

  14. I was like “wow, the team sucked.. and this guy not doing well”. Then I remember Jingles.. and then saw the massacre..
    Jesucrist.. he one shot almost all 6 remaining ships!

  15. This battle is like the successful last stand of a legendary Samurai.

  16. More interesting fact is that clogs although popularly associated with the Dutch are not at all a typical Dutch thing. The wearing of clogs was a very common sighting among farmers all over Europe in the past. Just like the rest of Europe the Netherlands stopped actually using them ages ago.

  17. “You can take the buoy out of the navy, but you can’t take the navy out of the buoy” -Jingles word of wisdom..

  18. Ok, that “use airstrike to bait invisible ship’s AA” is really clever. Never thought of using airstrike that way before.

  19. Kind of the perfect game to narrate over. Got really interesting at the end. “Cabbage Mechanics” I lol’d. I barely played WoWS but I find these videos soothing and hypnotic.

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