World of Warships – Bad Advice #10: Repair at Once!

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After over two months of holidays the Cap is back in action, and this time he is showing you what happens if you repair precious ship too early!

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  2. #earlysquad

  3. Lol first now

  4. make a bid about the Swedish tanks in WOT

  5. This was hilarious. XD

  6. Scottish ship?

  7. This is how you get 100k+ dmg with Langley.

  8. love how British ships are in these shorts before they are even in game

  9. 0:55 I wonder how small aid kit works…

  10. True story for many.

  11. lol WG plz fix fire chance. it’s too RNG

  12. Wow, I just spotted HMS Hood, no offense, WHEN IS HMS HOOD COMING?

  13. Oh, hey HMS Hood. This was a good one – also glad pointing out flooding is
    usually worth using the repair on, so some reasonable advice before the
    bad. :)

  14. That logic… 0:55

  15. The best :).

  16. (I mean in the video) Where is the Hood?

  17. Ach, ich liebe diese Videos =)

  18. So HMS Belfast and Hood v Nagato and Nurnberg… hmm… teasers

  19. the amount of effort put into these animations is ridiculous. props to you,

  20. rofl , excellent

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