World of Warships – Bad Advice #13: Unfriendly Fire

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Find out what happens to Cap and when they set sail in their Lion. Make sure to learn from Cap’s shooting mistakes in our latest episode ” or risk being tainted by the pink mark of teamkiller!

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  1. Awesome!!!

  2. 1:02 – i wished the turrets of british BBs would turn so fast

  3. U guys need to add a option where instead of going pink straight away, U let the person who u killed decide ur fate. Because some times it is there fault. and they release that say sorry in chat. So it should be there decsion. instead of going pink straight away

  4. Kudos to who actually writes those, explaining a lot without any words is quite well done here.

  5. Seems the video was directed more at Wargaming mocking people’s egos than friendly fire.

  6. Blauer Vietcongomongo

    Finally a Happy end

  7. “That’s how it’s done !”


  8. First bad advice when the ship doesnt sink…

    Super-late-ultra-Break…Heal !!

  9. I guess some players would like to have such a helpful fish

  10. I see they put the tea making facility in

  11. Most of teamkillers are torpedos. Maybe video about this?

  12. 0:31 best tea making facility ever put onto sea

  13. Isn’t that an issue with the game calculating range incorrectly? I don’t think I’ve had the issue myself, but I’ve heard of people aiming point blank and having their shots go to max range instead.

  14. Well no offence to the animators, scenario writers or stuff… BUT IF YOU DO A VIDEO ABOUT TEAMKILLING MAKE IT “NO TORPS FROM BEHIND”. I wonder… Are we playing the same game?

  15. Finally this cap keep his shi a float…

  16. Seriously? BATTLESHIP players need to be taught how not to teamkill? Are you SURE there’s not another ship class that needs to learn that lesson?

  17. I love these animations so much!

  18. Dream to be the God

    he didnt sink in this too, and he teamkilled two teammates at once

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