World of Warships – Bad Advice #6: Torpedo Science!

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There is a lot of science that goes into launching your torpedoes properly. Our little captain and his trusty goldfish learn that the hard way. As usual…

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  1. 1:01 the awkward moment when destroyers can literally just do that in the
    game to BBs and not have to worry about almost anything. the amount of
    times i’ve been rushed by DDs in a battleship and been able to do literally
    nothing because all my shells just miss and my secondaries miss 99% of all
    the shots they fire isnt even funny. why not let BBs control their
    secondaries manually? then DD’s will at least have a harder time rushing
    BBs (which isnt bad seeing as they take very little skill to play anyway;
    all you have to do is know the range of your detection and torps and even
    then, if you fuck up and get spotted you can just pop smoke and sit in it
    and spam HE, even though the smoke should really blind the user just as
    much as the enemies). if all ships could use their secondaries manually,
    then that would a way to reward skill and situational awareness as opposed
    to it being utterly whimsical in close exchanges between BBs and DDs.

  2. hahaha….

    ship launched torps in this game are absolute bullshit, especially at
    higher teirs

  3. for short:
    Don’t launch Torpedos to far away (enemy changing course maybe) and do
    remember his max range (not usefull to launch torps if enemy is drive away)
    Dont’t launch Torpedos to close or it will be not become “hot” aka minimum
    finaly: Watch your surroundings for friendly ship that maybe can cross the

    Greets a DD-driver

  4. harakiwi's gaming corner

    1:40 it’s EXACTLY LETHAL

  5. My dear wargaming, you made a complete and fucking idiots yourself right
    The overal chances of ANY DD comming closer than 2km to a BB are pretty
    much once every 100 battles. and MABY.
    And making a toon as tutorial??? You really think the majority of world of
    warships players are around age of 4???? Instead showing a “Totorial of how
    torpedo system works 101 for complete idiots” Show ppl how broken smoke
    screens are that DD can complete vanish 3 km from any ship, continue
    shooting without being spotted. ANY DD that come close to the range of
    secondary guns and use smoke screen, if he shoots he should be visible. I
    play DD’s and smoke screen as close as 4km is just absolutely broken.
    Instead making such a dumb clip treating players (that are fucking pay your
    bills in the end) like a retarded morons… FIX THE GOD DAMN GAME

  6. My other favourite thing: “Oh hey, is that an enemy that barely has 400 HP? *Lets
    fire an entire freakin’ broadside of torpedoes at it!*”

  7. About time! These are epic!


  9. hahaha

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but when I get hit by “friendly” torps it’s most often
    a cruiser that launched them. They get so excited when they finally get
    within torpedo range that they forget the friendlies.

  11. Wiggle wiggle wiggle

  12. 2:00 wiggle wiggle wiggle ;)

  13. damn, that turtle is cute :3

  14. eh… close enough

  15. World of warship in a nutshell. xD

  16. Could make one about the probability of the enemy turning around his
    straight way

  17. The last one was the other DDs’ fault

  18. 2:02


  19. ема шлюха

  20. That last one was totally not his fault.

  21. that moment when captain finally understood something and some how still
    ruins it

  22. thug life for destroya captains :P

  23. absolutely realistic, that is exactly what happens if you get too close to
    a BS, nothing. The accuracy is so bad it can’t even hit you at point blank

  24. Helping one noob at a time~WG

  25. They should make the Captain and his Fish into a full-length animated

  26. This should be mandatory for every first-time captain who drives a
    torpedo-armed ship so that no more Derzkis fire their 3 km-range-torpedos
    at friendly ships, because they aimed for the battleship 10 km away…

  27. who gave jesse cox a battleship?

  28. new maj for world of tank ps4 !!!! ??

  29. i luv it.

  30. looks like a normal match to me !

  31. Someone at WG likes hearthstone and/or Turps of yogscast ^^

  32. Hahahahaha :)

  33. yet people will still launch 5.5km torps at 25km… or as soon as they
    spawn with friendlies everywhere..

  34. first

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