World of Warships – Bad Advice: Make a Holiday!

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  1. Merry Christmas and happy holiday everyone!

    I want me T-61 NOW!!!

  2. Its Christmas and yet in this game theres still conflict but its fun

  3. That ending though xD

  4. I wish they did that to me

  5. The ending XD

  6. Happy Holidays to all
    *looks at my 12 streak loss at Rank

  7. 3:19 ……… hold up he likes dasha?????


  9. Even he likes Dasha…

  10. please dont lie about how your player base plays no one would hand over a single kill let alone 5 kills come on guys that made this you dont want to lie to your players

    • yeah i would LOVE and even PAY whatever you want in your local WG shop for you to prove that with either pics or a replay cause i’m over 10K battles and pretty much seen all there is to be seen from afks getting a solo warrior to minos getting crits on battle ships to hindenburg getting HE crits on battle ships but not once have i seen anyone give kills away so a person can get a kraken (and no div mates dont count in this)

    • Ok, How about you give me 2 years.

    • alright then i’ll keep this page up and wait for it………

    • I once surrender in WoT and the other team actually acepted it, i had two top tier pointing towards me but i survided so i wouldnt be surprised if someday some lucky guy get this.

    • thats WoT =waste of time thats a different kind of place all togeather

  11. HEre before 1.11K views!!!!! Happy holidays everybody!!! 🙂

  12. Михаил Серафимов

    I remember getting my first craken with Hosho…

  13. Danm the guys going for Dasha.

  14. Of course no player would ever lower an enemy just for you.. It was a good dream for Xmas…

  15. Scharnhorst <3

  16. Best Advice is the Best

  17. At the end, Dasha just winked.

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