World of Warships: Bajie Flanking

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Bajie is essentially an Izumo. She looks gorgeous and is decent as a T9 .

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Pan-Asian battleship Izumo on the map Shards.


  1. Yep first … 😀

  2. Is there a way to get it other than iron money?

  3. So you lose 7% reload, but you gain 7% accuracy. Nevermind that this is probably a good trade in itself (since most broadside opportunities will not be repeated), but you also have 5km more range. Seems like a straight upgrade over Izumo to me.

    • On the other hand, at close range the faster reload is better though, because you’ll land your shells anyway, but getting your shot off before the other BB can change everything.

    • Don’t forget that stuff that reduces reload works in percents so you are actually losing a little less than 7% reload. I mean being better is the theme of most premiums.

  4. You made me play the Izumo 😛

  5. I wish other tier 9 can make as much money as Missouri…. Sitting with 5m exp on her I’m tired andcboredd of her… But still the money must be earned ?

    • I know how you feel, but it would be more likely that they’d just remove it from Missouri rather than give it to other ships.

    • try reload mod instead of US dispersion for a change 🙂

    • I’m a 48% pleb player and have Missouri however I make money playing all ships overall, so there is no need to play my Missouri. The game gives out credits easily with a decent game even running premium consumables.

  6. They really should have just made this a skin for Izumo…
    but at least I have a yueyang capt trainer lol

  7. This is the first real t9 premium, with others freemium ships we had the opportunity to get them by coal, steel or fxp. Sadly =[

  8. So.. The million dollar question since wg being wg. How to get the baije?

  9. When China have one of the Yamato Project from Japan when they are conquered by her…
    Well done Wargaming keep with the bad work…

  10. Hey Aerroon, any thoughts on the Siliwangi?

  11. GG, taking a bit slower might enable you to survive and farm all of them, but again, trading Bajie for a almost full-hp Yamato’s never a bad idea!

    • The reason I went quick is because the game was ending soon. I might’ve been able to get a total of 3-4 more salvos off, but none of them would’ve been as nice as that one on Yamato.

  12. I was really surprised to to see the Zao finish 7th with his amazing guns concealment and torps I would have thought he would be at the top even if it just ran away when you turned back to face the enemy? How is this possible zao? Maybe you have no concealment mod or captain skill maybe your guns where all broken or just maybe your monitor is 1inch square 😉

  13. Radar on a BB is pretty handy for those pesky cruisers in a smokescreen, not DDs.

  14. As someone who likes his Izumo better than he likes his Yammy I like my angry Pig. The extra range is nice and if your willing to trade off some turret traverse her reload drops to 28.2 sec with a 43.1sec 180 (running Exp Marksman and Main bat mod 3) you could get the traverse down further with MBM2 but you give up reload for that and to be honest this ship is not and never really will be a brawler so there’s really no point in super fast gun traverse. She’s the boat you sit at mid to long or try to crawl down the side of an unguarded flank in to do fell deed’s with. Or as I was doing in her reaching across the map to tickle a Dm Don’s Citidel. (as in I was at C and he was at A… First 5 min of game… I love that 25k) She’s not what you bring to play kissy face with though and never will be with her tall cit and under gunned rear.

  15. Well done WG….. you just let China gain a Japanese Yamato Project design where they were slaughtered by Japanese Army…

    WG IQ to 500,000

    As I said this ship doesn’t make any sense….. if they decided to call this ship Rama V or Julalonkon which is Siamese name then it would be more make sense as Thailand/Siam was a Japanese allies in Asia…. which they likely to gain Japanese ship design more than China did….

    Pan-Asian is basically the rest of Asian navy including Idonesia, and Thailand/Siam… I know Phrarung was a British ships… but isn’t that Japan also based on British designed ships….

  16. i like izumo when i am pushing to yamato but after the pushing i dont like yamato, btw the bajie are too expensive for it price are higher then 3A games

  17. Two times freeXP to jump to Yamato and not playing too much Izumo – so no cash for these clone warriors from me…

  18. This is just a copycat Izumo made in china.

    speaking of Izumo, god! That AA Placement… There are still so many free woods to burn on the deck.

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