World of Warships: BAJIE, Giveaway, Pan-Asian, Tier-9 Premium Battleship

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\ Notice – These videos are intended for a mature audience only. ///
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I am a member of the World of Warships Community Contributor Program, and although I may receive in-game benefits as a result, my opinions are my own and NOT influenced by Wargaming.

In this World of Warships video, I set sail in the BAJIE, Pan-Asian, Tier-9 Premium . Gameplay starts at the 10:45 minute mark on the video timeline.
If you are here for expert gameplay or tips on how to be a better World of Warships player, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE! I am an average to below average player, making mistakes, stumbling along just like most players. These videos are NOT average games for me, they are, for the most part my best games, mistakes and all. I hope you enjoy them.
Fellow Tubers , I could really use your help in growing this channel. Also feel free to leave some comments, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Name: N1eon
    Server: EU

  2. Václav Posledník

    Name: el_tractor
    Server: EU
    And please. Survivability expert on a BB is pretty much useless. You can eat one more pen. That’s it. One pen. There are much better skills for example Jack of All Trades or Concealment expert.

    • @Drobot Primus It also increases the damage you take by fires and flooding 😀

    • That’s basics of survivability, survivability expert gives more HP

    • Václav Posledník

      @Drobot Primus Fires and floodings deal dmg equal to the percentage of your life total. So survivability expert increases the dmg you take from fires and floodings, as your healthpool total is larger.

    • funny in the game that “basic of survivability” is better and more useful than “survivability expert”

    • @Drobot Primus No, basic of survability REDUCES the amount of fire and flood damage you take, Survavility Expert increases it, so the HP benefit you get in a battleship is negligible.

  3. Name: sharukins
    Server: EU
    Pls no SE on BBs, it makes my heart bleed

  4. Name: PoeticGrub7532
    Server: EU

  5. Name: LiveOnEvil
    Server: Asia
    Standard BB build is probably better; PT / EM, AR / SI, BOS / CE, FP
    So really just drop SE and EL for FP

  6. Name: Ljadas99
    Server: EU

    I am willing to get a BB that will not help my progress by any real way.

  7. Name: RadioactiveGhost
    Server: EU

  8. Name: FroNt_3
    Server: EU

    I would take CE insead of SE+EL though

  9. Name: _Dokkaebi_
    Maybe the video could be shorter honestly.

  10. Name:rustypoptart
    Server:North America

    “I feel you with using se on a bb, I used and forgot about it for 7 months on Montana and got flamed on reddit when I shared a screen shot of me 4 pen 4 citadel and dev striking a hindinburgh

  11. I have changed SE already ! Thanks for the tip?

  12. Name: Data_Unavailable
    Server: EU
    Thanks for your review. And although the Izumo is a really strong ship by now, I don’t really need a Pan-Asian version of it. This is pretty bad premium design by WG in my opinion.

  13. IGN: paskal
    Server: ASIA

    Bajie is my in-family nickname, all my younger siblings call be by that name lol

  14. name: derrickkiller
    server: ASIA
    the ships do look interesting, but this is just more money milking from what im seeing

  15. Name: Daohan_Li
    Server: NA
    God please bless me with this amazing ship, Izumo was one of the only tech tree T9 ships that I enjoyed, I even loved it and it would be amazing to have her railgun 410mms as a premium 🙂

  16. Name: orthogonal
    Server: NA
    by the way, BaJie means the eight conmenment.

  17. Hey that last group of torpedoes at 26 minutes 10 seconds came through the island.! How could that happen????

  18. Name: FooWasHere
    Server: EU
    Thank you for reviewing and showing. I would never in a million years guessed that the Izumo would come back cloned, but WG finds a way!

  19. The Rebellious Clone

    Name: PenLT
    Server: NA
    I love how this thing is a copy paste lol

  20. Name: Elwoodje73
    Server: EU

    The Bajie looks nice, hoping for a pas-asian BB line.

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