World of Warships- Balao Absolutely Insane Damage

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Hey guys! Today we have an absolutely crazy game from Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax that highlights many of my issues with sub,arines, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I’m really struggling to enjoy this game at all now. Last night I played about 20 games and pretty much all of them has 1 or 2 subs, about 4 DDs, 2 cruisers and the rest sniper or he bbs. No pushing in, no point in using AP. Just boring and frustrating

    • @Matias Lauriti Interesting enough, BBs are better equipped to deal with subs. Anything else has to practically suicide to kill the sub.
      WG never ceases to amaze me. First they created arty in WoT, and that used to be the worst game mechanic in any video game ever. Then they came up with CVs and made arty seems balanced by contrast. Now they added subs and I feel CVs aren’t so bad. It is like they purposely dump a shitsunami of liquid turd on us so that we feel that all the other bullshit isn’t so bad.

    • @Anthrax the buffed spotting for subs are just ridiculous, they even keep 2.1 km when using pings, so dumb. And DDs are only a few knots faster so it’s quite hard to go to their exact position sail over them to drop bombs. And even when I did, I hit 16 bomb in 3 drops and the tier 10 sub still wasn’t dead. Atleast BBs and some of the cruisers have airstrikes and is easier indeed.

    • @Mrs_Ragdoll I always thought of 4 Battleships, 5 Cruisers, 3 Destroyers and then CVs or Subs taking cruiser slot (if one or the other) and then a BB slot (if both) with no more than 1 cv and sub per side

    • @EthanXIV exactly, same here

    • @Mrs_Ragdoll The interesting part is that WG promised they wouldn’t make subs OP to artificially inflate its popularity….but they’ve already done that. Ultra high speed even when underwater, immune to most detection methods, alien tech homing torpedos, insane maneuverability, insane reload speed. Geez. These devs are complete idiots. They should all have been fired at least 1 and a half year ago.

  2. Subs having torps like DDs would change the dynamics for the better.
    You aim, lead and fire. If ship evades your torps, try again.

    • or only update tracking info on ping and maybe a short 2-5s track for double. You’s have to be semi accurate with the initial launch and the ships can still evade so it would be worth waiting to the last few seconds to ping instead of ping, ping, ping, ping, ping BOOM!

    • So just invisible dumb torpedo spam? Essentially making them just DDs?

    • Just like navyfield 2. They had best sub gameplay

  3. This is the final format that will be subs they are already in everything if WG wasn’t happy we wouldn’t have them in all game modes they will just look at average damage and buff to get the 8% of players they want

  4. If CVs were the sky cancer, Subs are the sea tumor.

    • I think there is no difference because its probably the same Players. Who enjoys sitting 20 mins behind a rock while playing world of warplanes will also enjoy the braindead playstile that we just saw in that Video. The same level of challenge like stealing ice-cream from a toddler or kicking a kitten.

    • @Manny PlaysPOE 100%

  5. Need to do away with pings. Aim like DDs or CAs

  6. well, relating to speed: you could use more closer values to the real ones. Like on the 15 to 20% range. And with the flags and skills maybe give option to increase a little bit. The same with the torpedoes. The homing mechanics is so powerful that I dont see why they have to be that fast, faster even that the ones used by destroyers. I think those changes could make the sub game play more tactic dont know… And they could maybe deploy a little bit ahead of the rest of the ships. I mean, they are multiple possible solutions and feedback provided by the community.

  7. The skill difference between the good, average and bad sub players is massive. Bad players are always liabilities, but even an average player is a liability in a sub, while the good players just devastate everything before them. You get a sub where you can’t get to him and he just spams torps with impunity undetected and while it is not impossible to avoid his torps, it’s only a matter of time unless you just run away.

    Dealing with a sub requires a team effort more so than any other ship, and good luck with that in randoms, or even ranked.

    • The skill gap is massive also for CVs too and it can be rough.

    • No different to any other class. Probably worst with DDs as you can 4 per team and all of them dead in 3 minutes.

    • @Wild Goose Man “no different to anyother class”?? What on Earth are you talking about? What other class can go in circles for 10 minutes straight launching a couple of homing torps every 8 secs? I can give you 10 more broken reasons why subs are so stupid. Since when is a good DD player “disruptive” of the game? Or a CA, or a BB or even a CV when comparing to subs? What are you even trying to compare? You reply to “Subs are broken OP” with “well DDs are bad too”, that doesn’t make any sense.

    • @Joca you should maybe read and understand the thread before commenting. It’s not about the strength/weakness of the class but the players in the game playing those classes.

      A wise man once said ‘better to stay silent and let people think you’re stupid rather than open your mouth and prove it’….. you should probably heed their advice.

    • @Wild Goose Man Maybe that sentence applies to you. You are just inventing stuff. The thread is literally about subs. It’s about how close to impossible it is to counter good sub players. You are just saying that there’s also bad DD players and implying that a good DD player is just as devastating. Which, again, is complete bs. How can you say it’s no different than what happens with any other class when the subject of the debate is literally how different it is?

  8. Nothing you can do beside throwing some planes to a position you got to guess. Then the depth charges do just little damage and they got a much longer reload than the constant and ruthless ping and torp spam coming your way.
    How on earth can somebody say this is fine !?

  9. The subs played right, with teamwork are supper OP. But you can say that about destroyers as well. So this video is a great example of teamwork and great play vs terrible teamwork and bad play. A dd and a sub combo [or 2] (division) is crazy good

  10. WG did say to expect further tweaks to subs, so I expect to see a reduction in the homing torpedos and the pinging mechanic – I mean we have to expect some teething issues at first, this are definitely not as bad as the CV rework.

    So far I have found submarines not to be to much of issue as many players have struggled to get to grips with them or lack the patience to use them effectively. 9/10 I see subs are the bottom of the leader board on both teams

  11. easy mode. even easier then CV’s. just shows WG doesn’t play their own god damn game.

  12. We now know why ‘Friendly Fire’ was taken out of the game.
    WG knew that subs wouldn’t have survived 2 min.
    I would have gladly ‘worn the pink’ to rid us of these abominations.

  13. The subs appear to be a variation of CV’s in terms of being an element for which there is little to no counter. Next up are the tier 11 “super” ships. Where is this game heading? Will there be a few elite OP classes of ships with the rest being not much more than helpless targets? What kind of life expectancy is there for a game that is fun for a few but miserable for many?

  14. WG knows how to develop a game. Spreadsheet and they know best is the way. CCpocalypse went away and back to usual

  15. The biggest problem i have with subs is that ships with hydro acoustic search activated do not detect subs within their range when they are deep. Sonar should detect them.

  16. Props to the Worcester for dodging. I have yet to successfully dodge in my legendary Des Moines.

  17. I have tried to accept and like submarines but can’t. I took my California out at tier VII and between the submarines and the two CV’s and three DD’s I spent the entire time doing around 17 to 21 knots constantly turning, only to go broadside to enemy BB or CV torps, trying to dodge DD’s or Sub torps it was stupid as my manouvering meant my turrets could not rotate fast enough to align to any target to do yachting meaningful. The use of Repair Party to clear double ping is dumb and next HE salvo sets you on fire so you burn the full duration. I have played Submarines and it is “Feast or Famine” and you cannot be a ‘TEAM” player in a team game, they are boring to play with the majority of the game getting into a strategic position. In fact the only engagement is dodging and positioning before getting into a strike position. Having a sub paired with DD’s as a clump can be devastating as you are constantly passively spotted by something you cannot retaliate against like CV’s. Don’t you also just love that the CV automatic repair party clears the sub ping lol.

  18. best game experience ever, well done WG

  19. WG needs to fix their reward system for 6 years and reward heavily favors damage. the sub can work but they are forced to make them a heavy damage dealer you can make sub work by making them do something like spotting and give them normal torpedo with faster reload,but nope lets give them homing and ability to do citadel damage.

  20. Nah, subs are so fine that they could immediately go from ranked to random. The kings of Balans and their super testers will do nothing that would jeopardize the sale of premium subs. CVs are out for how long now, 5 years? And they are still broken as f. So submarine balans might be scheduled for 2030 except of course the Russian ones

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