World of Warships: Balao – Subs in Randoms

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Submarines is finally in Random Battles! Naturally I had to go terrorize them with a Balao!

0:00 Balao Match
11:40 End Screen
12:50 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 American submarine Balao.


  1. well if nothing else you’ve got sinking islands down pretty good

  2. The Defenestrator

    BB: We’ve detected submarine sonar pings, we may have been located by sound waves in the water. Quickly! Turn on all the fire hoses and spray the water in the air and close all the watertight doors.
    Sub: Sir, we’ve lost the target.

    • To be fair, spraying water into the water would make a lot of noises, and would confuse active sonar.

      It would also make you light up like a Christmas tree on passives.

    • The Defenestrator

      @Platius Cyndar That is not the way active sonar works. The ping is at a single frequency and has a very high amplitude compared to anything else. Sonar can actually kill marine life if it is too close to a submarine. Water hoses would emit low amplitude sound at many different frequencies. No way you would lose a sonar ping when it is the single loudest thing at the frequency you are listening to.

  3. well, brawling is completely dead, i see no reason anymore to risk pushing

    • Olaf Messchendorp

      Being stationary, hiding behind an island is dead. Since submarines will be close to you anyway, you can have some good advantages if you are pushing

    • @Olaf Messchendorp Not really, and that iowa trying to move forward at the begining shows it. Everyone ll be sniping from the rear border, while dds slalom around the islands and carriers try to kill the subs, the first side to lose its asw loses the match

  4. What’s the counterplay against sub pings when they have a 10 sec cooldown? Is it to just stay away from subs to begin with and camp in base?

    • If you push, you will get obliterated full stop. It’s EXTREMELY dangerous because:
      1. They can torpedo you.
      2. They will blow your DCP so you will get burned.

      If you push, you lose.

    • Just dodge. Although having read the lastest dev blog….some of the torp tracking ranges are total bullshit. BBs get 2.1km where the torps stop tracking, carriers get 1.2, 720m for a single ping on cruiser (360 with double ping), 240m for DDs (120 with double ping.)

    • @Aerroon thing is, they did change homing and launch now that they came to randoms. Also, the ping was in your nose, so torpedoes were homing towards your nose. Because of that you had easy time dodging them by turning in. Would the ping been in mid ship, story would be quite different.

    • @Aerroon you’re starting to sound like WG, mate. “Just dodge”, really? Then dodge again 20 seconds later? Subs are yet another class that totally negates positioning. Most people will either camp the map borders or just quit the game. What’s the point playing the game when 2/5 of all classes cannot be seen or engaged?

  5. How about a battle type like no cvs or no subs the same way we can choose between random and ranked and coop….I am no game developer but it sounds possible. And the logistics of how many people play what type of battle might just inform Wargaming of what is actually preferred of …you know…their CUSTOMERS. Cuz that sounds like something a company would like to know. And they could keep both kinds of customers if it was a close split or something. Or do something novel like admit they fakked up and get rid of one or both of them if it turned out they were in the minority. I loved this game back in the early days…shooting surface ships and avoiding planes (which was possible believe it or not). But this is too much. What’s next? Undetectable tug boats with nuclear bombs on them?

    • Piotr Mikołajski

      Such game mode will be available for Super Premium account owners only.

    • Everyone would play the new modes, CV and sub sales will plummet, and WG would have to admit that it wasted a ton of resources doing something that players didn’t want. There’s no way.

  6. Real shame they are adding another class that IMO don’t fit in the game

  7. Cruiser: They’ve locked on to us, Sir. Activate damage control?
    Captain: Wut, that’s crazy! Besides, I know a few maneuvers. We’ll lose ’em. Turns 5° to port so sub sees other side of ship.
    Sub: They’ve disappeared, Sir.

  8. The introduction of subs is a comedy show. Absolute stupid mechanics. Cruising around a fleet of enemy ships at +-4 km distance without risk of getting detected and counterplayed is kindergarden level.

    • This is not correct the subs are only invisible at max depth when their weapons cannot be used and they can only move at slow speed and hold max depth for short period

  9. Broken garbage, Time to uninstall

  10. It’s going to take a long time to get the map positioning sorted with 24 ship random battles. If battle starts with only one sub, a DD, and a Cruiser on a flank I suspect the two surface ships will abandon the position resulting in more ships camping in a single position.

  11. WOW surely destroyed itself with this nonsense class of ships with 21th century accuracy….sad, it was the last sraw for me… a 5 year old can play a sub and win the game with no skill or stategy.

  12. WOWS dev blog from last night “The range at which homing is switched off is 2.1 km for battleships, 1.2 km for aircraft carriers, 720 m for cruisers (360 in case of double sonar ping effect), and 240 m for destroyers and submarines (120 in case of double sonar ping effect).” Yeah the Torp tracking range for DDs and cruisers should probably be increased by lets say 300 meters.

    I Personally just want the sub torps to be SLOWER, 70-80 ish knots instead of 90+ which lets them cover MOST of their firing range in like 5 secs. Not only would it make it easyer to dodge but, it would bring the torps in line with other torpedos in my opinion.

  13. WG just jumped the shark.

  14. 30 second torpedoes on T10 good god.

  15. WG puts this shit in the game then wonders why people aren’t pushing or playing the objective.

  16. Dimitar Kodzhabashev

    I’m sorry to note that WG’s shallow leadership may finally be able to make his dream of killing a good game come true.
    I don’t see any pros in putting submarines in the game, on the contrary, only cons!

    rest in peace WOWS😔😢

  17. I get why it’s a thing, but the battle standard strapped to the back of the boat with all the signals on it looks hilarious

  18. Please dont promote submarines. They are making the game worse, by increasing the already campy meta. BBs need to stay even further back, otherwise you get torped by DDs and subs. The homing torps also require you to use your DCP more often, which makes BBs stay back to not get burned up by HE-spam. Also many games are prolonged because of the subs stealth and hiding

  19. Alan Ortiz Colombo

    This is now a completely different game. I don’t mind little changes, but imagine being a chess player and finding a new row has being added to the board. I mean, It feels like one has to learn how to play the game all over again. I’m sad, I really liked this game and my ships, now it feels alien.

    • I do not see why submarines had to be brought in the game. Homing torps that can be pinged AFTER they are launched is the most stupid game mechanics.

  20. Played 1 random with subs – uninstalled the game. Voting with my wallet.

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