World of Warships – Baltimore 0.5.13

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on Sea of Fortune moves to support a friendly as they attempt to capture the C point. We encounter a enemy , I use radar to try and work down the enemy but they get away. The friendly Fletcher moves to the center of the map where two destroyers were last seen. The team is able to capture two bases while most of the enemy is stuck on one. We fight for every inch, the game is very close all the way to the end. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Baltimore Replay


  1. Notser play aircraft carriers please

  2. What’s this “Roon Burgundy” all about?

  3. Notser can u play/review the Arizona ?

  4. I love that you outscored the person raging in the comments on your team,
    very nice!

  5. “Tactical Notser”, lol, I do them all the time. lol doesn’t really do
    justice to how hard i laughed when i heard “Tactical Notser”. Holy shit
    that was funny.

  6. ok DDs, by the time you get to tier 7, you guys gotta stop rushing the caps
    at the beginning. look around see what your team is up to, help alongside
    them not all on your own accord

    smoke isnt just for saving your own ass with a tiny little circle, you can
    use it to greater effectiveness when you pay attention to slow moving BBs
    behind you that could use it more than you, you have concealment, stop

    this is a team game, fleet together, win together, youre not playing a
    single player game, not even close. Cruisers support DDs, BBs support where
    theyre needed, mobile fortresses, youre stronger than you think and you
    dont need to huddle up with three or four other BBs, pairing up 2 BBs per
    side, you should be good enough to figure out how the game will shape up
    while still providing support for your strike force. you can always turn
    around and help somewhere else if the enemy is blitzing and not doing a
    refused flank set up

  7. Hmmm ur probably ripping your hear out in desperation since you didnt get
    your 3 usual kill ‘secures’….in this battle.

  8. Notser can we have a tashkent replay please

  9. The guy raging in chat makes this.

  10. I remember taking out an 20k+ hp Iowa in one salvo in a Baltimore. Glorious
    American AP :D

  11. I just got the Balti and went for a reload+concealment build. Getting
    royally rekt left and right. I’m just too aggressive, and BBs are
    pussies… :/

  12. Im in a sims and im always first in cap,the radar detection is a problem
    always i simply ignore it and carry on.

  13. Do you get lots of grills cause of your great accuracy?

  14. I detonated one of these with my scharn…whilst using HE…made me thing
    twice about getting this ship

  15. I am at a tier 5 6 and 7 the tier 7 is a carrier and so far I haven’t
    experienced what happens but this video God really makes me nervous of the
    high tiers

  16. I dont understand why Baltimore shooting range 15,8 km while Orleans range
    16,2 km if it was 16,2 I wouldhave used reload module on baltimore

  17. Good Game and Vid, nice to see this ship as It’s next if I ever go back and
    play the NO much 🙂
    Pity it was ruined a bit by your Teams upset little fella who kept
    complaining but without you defending like you did it would have been a
    loss, some people only “think” they know how to play everyone else ship,
    and their own :)

  18. Thanks showing also what not to do.

  19. Whoever takes BC on this map almost automatically wins.

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